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Creeptober Week 2 · 2:24pm Oct 16th, 2022

Content warning up top for some blood and gore

Creeptober 10 - Midnight Snack
Hungry… so hungry… up so late to find something to eat

Day 11 is a bit too NSFW.

Creeptober 12 - Universal Horror
9 of Cups / MAG 110: Creature Feature
“He told me over the phone that he was producing a new film, that he was going to be his masterpiece. Then he started to describe it, and I don’t know how much of what I felt was deja vu, and how much was just dread.
I asked if he had found a copy of the film, or the script, but he just laughed. “Better,” he said. “I found the book it was based on.””

Creeptober 13 - Behind the Curtain
The Moon / MAG 104: Sneak Preview
““Shall I?” he asked, with a voice so full of playful mischief that I felt bile rise in my throat. I wanted to shake my head, say no, but I never got a chance.
With a single, smooth motion, like whipping the tablecloth off in a restaurant, he pulled the skin off of whatever had been pretending it was my brother. I don’t know how to describe it. It was like an impressionist painting of a dancer, all colours and shapes that made you feel movement you couldn’t see. Silently, imperceptibly, moving from one position to another. The music had stopped and the dance was silent. It was beautiful.”

Creeptober 14 - At First Glance
Cover for chapter 7 of The Sunset Archives, “Dog Park
“Statement of Spike… Sparkle? Sure. Regarding the dog in the woods.“

Creeptober 15 - Wolves
I feel obligated as a history major to point out that there is no solid historical evidence to support the idea that Lupercalia is a precursor to Valentine’s Day in any way. In this case, however, my inner worldbuilder has latched onto this concept and will not let go.
I consider Cadance to be the goddess not only of love but of civilization, considering that in order for a community to function, its inhabitants must have some degree of love for one another, must want to be a part of something larger than them, must be willing to contribute time and effort to things that may not benefit them directly, but support the broader community. Therefore, one of her earliest forms is a proto-civilization goddess; a goddess of the pack. I definitely also took inspiration from the myth of Romulus and Remus on this one.
Also, quote taken from Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather.

Creeptober 16 - Photography
Cover for chapter 5 of The Sunset Archives, “Under the Influence
“Statement of Golden Hazel, regarding an advertising campaign at the cafe where she worked.”

Creeptober 16b
Zoom on the thumbnail in the lower right corner of the above


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Comments ( 3 )

Ooh, very cool concept with Cadence's deep history. I wonder if she's still more of a dog pony...

#10 - oh my God, it took me a few seconds to see The Flesh behind that dude :pinkiegasp: I was so busy trying to figure out what was in the Tupperware :rainbowlaugh:
#14 - those poor puppers have been avenged, thank goodness, but this is still a creepy reminder of what happened ;-;
#15 - hold on: Cadence was a wolf?! 🐺
#16b - let's take a moment to celebrate the fact that this particular b*!ch is dead 😤

You do wonderful artwork :raritystarry: I can't wait to see the rest!

Wolf Cady is my current headcanon, but I've also pictured her in the past as anything from an amorphous living ocean of eldritch goo to a Dagon-like sea serpent, both of which I'm still very fond of, conceptually. I just need a way to mush them all together into a cohesive eldritch form... Or, this could be one of her early physical forms, while her true divine being is the ocean-sized goosnake.

And, thank you! After Creeptober wraps, I'm doing Huevember. Twice over, because I am a ridiculous person.

(also, the Tupperware is meant to be full of spaghetti, but it's very hard to see the fine noodle lines unless you zoom in)

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