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Creeptober Week 1 · 1:39pm Oct 9th, 2022

And now, your regularly scheduled art month art dump! Enjoy.

Creeptober 1 - Hopes
“Statement of Sunset Shimmer, regarding her search for the origin of the artifacts known as ‘the Geodes of Harmony’.”
Chapter cover for The Sunset Archives, chapter 1, ‘Shards’

Creeptober 2 - The Key and the Gate
After a thousand years without maintenance, it’s only to be expected that some of the Crystal Empire’s magical wards might need a little checkup. Who better, then, than the current Crystaller to go out and take a look at them? How unfortunate that the crystal ponies aren’t the clearest when it comes to making maps. How unfortunate that they didn’t put the warning on both sides of the gate.

Creeptober 3 - Strange Weather
“Statement of Rainbow Dash, regarding an encounter with an ex-girlfriend.“
Cover for chapter 2 of The Sunset Archives, ‘Falling Out’.

Creeptober 4 - Sigil
“Cutie Mark Crusader Cultists of the King in Yellow, yaaaaay!”

Couldn't figure out how to embed this video without uploading it to YouTube or something else I'm too lazy to do, so just click through to the Tumblr post. (flashing warning)
Creeptober 5 - Bizarre Colors
“Hey guys! Let’s go down to Nahum Gardener’s place! I hear he’s throwing a party that’s really out-of-this-world!”

Creeptober 6 - Carnival
6 of Wands / MAG 44: Tightrope
“They talked fast, crude Russian, and their words seemed to shift back and forth between them, telling me that behind the tent was off limits, and that I should leave the tiger alone as it wasn’t ready to perform yet. At least, that’s what I thought they’d said at the time. It was only later that it struck me their exact phrase had been that the tiger “wasn’t finished”.”

Creeptober 7 - Dreams
Death / MAG 168: Roots
“All things end, and every step you take, whatever direction you may choose, only brings you closer to it.”

Creeptober 8 - Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
“Statement of Autumn Blaze, regarding her mother’s favorite punishment.”
Cover for chapter 10 of The Sunset Archives, “Silent Treatment

Creeptober 9 - Sunken Depths
Queen of Cups / MAG 51: High Pressure
“Down there, deep below the surface, I find myself sometimes entering an almost… meditative state. You can feel the weight of the world, a world you were never meant to be part of, pressing in on you from all directions; and the constant overpowering awareness of your own breathing, of how little there is between you and the very space around you that is completely hostile to your existence. ”

That's all for this week, see you all next Sunday!

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I've commented on several of these on Derpibooru, but I will say that the Caramelldansen Out of Space is a delightful concept. We need more eldritch raves. Someone get Vinyl in touch with some of Azathoth's blind idiot pipers; I'm sure she can make a great remix there.

In love with these pictures :heart: Especially The Sunset Archives covers, though I won't deny that 'Sunken Depths' was cool too :raritystarry:

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