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Empty of Stories · 12:06am May 23rd

Barren of words

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An empty space is definable as a space that contains nothing.
Nothing itself is a contradiction. The absence of something, being nothing, is still inherently a something: it is an absence.

Empty space? Nah. We just haven't thought of anything different to put in there yet.:derpytongue2:

You should write a story based on stuff like that :rainbowkiss:

There are a lot of great Spike storys. Maybe try yourself at reading one. They are very inspiring ♡

"Wym?, Frreal frreal?."

"Are you empty?, Lost?, Questioning yourself?
Losing touch with the things that bind you to this reality?"
Or are you just thinking at the moment about a later forethought event?

Starkice #5 · May 23rd · · 1 ·

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Story of my life.

Where can we read it?


You already read it (see OP).

And here I thought this was gonna be a shout out... Shame.

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