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I am still alive, I might have an explaination for my sporadic writing. · 9:39am May 8th

Hello everyone, if any of you are still patient enough to remember my stories. I have been working and had a bad time these last few months due to a death in the family and my grandma falling ill due to said death. There have also been some major drama in my group of friends. I have not been happy. But I decided to go see a psychiatrist and I would say that speaking with her has helped me some. During our talks, we've realized that I might have problems with my concentration and so I am currently undergoing some preliminary stuff with her that is necessary for an ADD/ADHD investigation. I have issues with continuing and finishing my projects and sometimes I find it really hard to start a project of any kind. I procrastinate and I forget quite easily. I might just be a lazy mother-fucker or it might be neurological, I can't say.

What I want to say is that I am sorry. I am sorry that updates never come and that it took me this long to go to a psychiatrist and find this out. Hopefully, this will help improve my production schedule but I can not be sure. I signed up for summer sin again this year so maybe that will help kickstart my brain. Anyway thank you all for reading my stories and I hope to bring you updates soon.

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Your works are secondary to your health, my friend. I know what it is to struggle with ADHD, as I have it myself.

My condolences to you and your family, may your grandmother swiftly recover from whatever it is that plagues her.

There are always little spats in any friendship, sometimes we just don't see eye to eye on every issue. That doesn't mean you and your friends can't still be just that, friends. I pray that whatever is effecting you all gets resolved peacefully.

I for one get it. Sometimes our heads can just fall out of the path on occasion. Our minds and self doubt really do affect the way we think and view our own abilities. That's part of what makes us procrastinate to begin with.

But never stop pushing. Even if all you write is a sentence that day, it's more than what ya did the day before.

See you in the pages bud.

Thank you, Morgan. That was very kind of you to say.

Your welcome. :pinkiehappy:

My mom works for special ed. so while your case might not be as obvious as theirs, I still understand how serious it can be. I wish you the best of luck and will pray for you. Also Morgan is right that work is secondary to health so don't worry about it. :twilightsmile:

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