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Courier's Journal, chapter 12 · 9:30pm Feb 12th, 2022

Heading into the city proper, we came to a memorial to the soldiers who died in the Battle of Hoover Dam, and an off-duty trooper named Kowalski paying his respects. Nearby, there was a bar being operated by one of Boulder City's few remaining residents, who told us about how dead it is around here. And of course there was also the massive pile of rubble and ruins that used to be the city, even more rundown than your usual pre-war ruins.

It was at this point that I came to suspect that something bad might have happened to this place.

(Fanfiction.net version).
(Archive of Our Own version).

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There were nods all around the table, until Giles had already collected quite a few pamphlets from the Dark Wanderer. "Let's take another quick break, and I'll hand these out," he said with aplomb. "Much needed, amigo." There were three commercials running on the news, proclaiming that this story could cure insomnia and improve the lives of air conditioning repairmen. And then the whole ordeal continued.



After the commercial ended, he resumed the tale as he held a pamphle to all the players' visages in the studio:

"BARREL CITY, PRIVATE LOG" at the top; filled with advertised businesses, including something titled マグネーチーマット, ("Dark and Inferno Vaporizer"). The main text were letters he had photocopied from the city's metro guide the night he staked out in town. Across the bottom were subtitles of phrases purported by witnesses to foretell the end of the town: "by year 2036". ……and a variety of intriguing questions that may sound like the prophecies of Cassandra were openly rolled out on live television and newspaper: why did Hoover Dam sink in high water? why are there tsunami phenomena around it? ..…while public buildings also appear partially ruined but able to support vehicle traffic-wash scene of faint standing automobile lights streaking across daytime traffic below 60th St. bridge. Completing the loop, near the east side of the city there were sightings of light in the clouds that unmistakably shone out like the rocket light from the doomed 1929 Frisbie Iklevil Switzer, and incomplete thunderstorms were even more prominent, a deadlinig over snow st. and readings at weather stations falling 1½ F below historic average-perhaps eclipsed by whatever was responsible for actual flooding.

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