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  • Friday
    No MLP Game Stream

    Reviews are decent, but players are saying that you'll see and do everything in about two hours.

    $40 is waaaay too steep for something that short.

    I'll watch a longplay of it, because apparently Sprout is prominent in it.

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  • Friday
    So, Zipp wants to be an investigative princess.

    An incess, if you will.

    This dirty joke brought to you by boredom at work.

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  • Thursday
    Make Your Mark Initial Impressions

    So, this was pretty much the definition of "okay".

    The new cast is definitely still learning their roles. Hope things become better as time goes on. This special was certainly Zipp's moment. Izzy in the movie was the perfect blend of serious and funny, but here she veers just a little too close to Pinkie Pie. Hitch was just... Off, somehow.

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  • Wednesday
    Anyone interested in me livestreaming Maretime Bay Adventrure this weekend?

    I'm definitely getting it to see how it is, wondered how many of you would be interested in me streaming it.

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  • Tuesday
    Story Updates

    Just a quick update on upcoming content.

    Next up is going to be a short chapter of Forgotten: Sunrise, and then it's going to go on hold for just a little bit.

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Starting a new business venture. · 7:11pm January 18th


Salads For MEN.

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