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    I had really hoped I wouldn't have to write this. I was actually on track to get the last chapter of SH out in time, as well as a few other things (commissions) which I needed to write. I was finally getting back into my groove after a visit from my dad which had completely halted my productivity. Then my dad decided to come back down and visit again for Christmas, and I haven't written anything

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    Ministry of Image Part 2!

    Okay, I know I said I'd have a chapter for you the next time I put out a blog. I'm gonna be real, I wasn't expecting the Ministry of Image voting to move this fast. This is my first time!

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    Potential Ministry of Image EH Publishing!!!

    Throughout my career I have prescribed to a certain ideal: that as an author I should not bother you, my audience, unless I also have some content to provide. That's what you follow me for, after all. I never want to give you guys a notification from me if there isn't also a toasty new chapter for you to read. And I have stuck by that for a long time.

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    Chapter 31, Finally

    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    An Important Announcement

    I would like you all to know that I have just moments ago received a piece of fanart featuring the lovable sisters, Ana and Gava. I will not show it here, however, for it is lewd. Relatively tame, but there's some heavy tongue action. It was drawn by Elicitie, an ornithologist who some of you may recognize.

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Chapter 30? This Month! Fanart? Right Now! · 6:39am Nov 26th, 2021

The draft is currently 12k words, and growing. Also, I've got some fanart to share! These are all drawn by Sheol, who is very cool and great. Note that though I love all these interpretations, they aren't necessarily strictly canon! I like to go light on descriptions specifically so that everyone can imagine their own version of the world, so this is just one amazing artists' idea of the story.

Here we have a picture of the Beast Queen of Old Canterlot in all her glory:

And here, Twilight seeing what's become of Spike for the first time as he lights the ruins with dragonfire:

Twilight and friends watching the Argo come in to pick up the submarine at the start of Chapter II:

And a very nice comic of a scene from SH:

Some of these were too high-resolution to be linked here, so I had to scale them down to share.

In other news, how about that Age of Empires IV? Halo Infinite? G5 movie was cool. I'm back to writing!

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