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Short for Lord Regulus. Back from the dead and ready to write my way out of many paper bags.

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    Being Sick Sucks (Updated 1/16/22)

    Man, I was doing so good on getting the next chapter ship-shape, but now I have come down with what I think is a sinus infection. Flu and COVID tests came back negative, but good lord am I just tired and hurting constantly. This is the first time I've been out of bed today (which I will be going back into shortly), but entire life is being put on hold for this one. It has been a very long time

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    Chapter 17 is Out!

    Quick morning blog for me as the time I've started writing this, I have 15 minutes before I gotta get on the road to work, and it's probably icy out today.

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    I'm Ahead of Schedule Again! *Party*

    Finally, I have breathing room again! ... Just as long as I don't get writer's block.

    So, I sent the last two weeks really hammering at the old word processor during the winter break and I made some great strides.

    1. Wrote a one-shot that was featured for five days.

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Chapter 12 Up for Realizies · 12:27pm Nov 17th, 2021

Chapter 12 is live and boy howdy is it a long one! I broke my goal of keeping it around 5K. I know I could've cut the chapter early after the first line break, but I didn't have the heart to leave on a cliffhanger after last time. For those of you who like longer chapters, I hope this makes up for nothing last week! For those of you who don't like more horsewords per week, my sanity thanks you, but also you're reading an evolving long-fic. I question your judgement.

As does Upper Crust, but she is very judgemental.

In related news, Upper Crust is finally back in the story along with motivations and the song I consider her theme song for the story. Hope you enjoy Wonderland.

Anyway, I accidentally pressed the Publish button again tonight, but it was when I was wrapping up my final pass, so unless you jumped into it the SECOND it went live, you should have the final version...

But I am also tempted to listen to it one more time using text-to-speech...

I think I might be starting to give into my over-analyzing problem. Listening back to the words that I write helps me catch a lot of errors I wouldn't normally see, but it also drives me mad. I have listened to this chapter in its entirety probably eight times since Monday. A blessing and a curse for sure. Now I want to go back and listen to the rest of Electro Swing and clean it up... ugh...

So, what now? I need to start on Chapter 13. I probably won't have time to until Saturday, and my brain could use a couple days to recuperate. We are starting to get back into more light-hearted territory again. Need to see more princesses, minotaurs, and Melodies.

Stay tuned and hope you enjoy the story! I'll keep doing my best to tell it.
- Rego

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