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NaNoWriMo · 6:25pm Nov 1st, 2021

Hello, every pony!

I'm happy to announce that you'll be getting a bunch of updates this month. As I use the excuse of NaNoWriMo to write 50k on my already existing stories! See you all soon!

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Nice! I hope you achieve your goal.

Thank you ^^
I Gotta reread my stories to remember where I was!

Pog! Wish you luck on achieving your goal!

What does the NaNo stand for, anyway? :rainbowhuh:

:pinkiehappy: glad you are feeling better! You are an awesome writer!:pinkiegasp: Also, I realised I did read your work, and you were awesome!:pinkiecrazy: YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU ARE AWESOME!:pinkiecrazy:
Also, he or she? I am a stickler for gender identities, and i dont wanna mess up yours:pinkiesmile:

She, and thank you ^^

You go girl! :pinkiesmile:

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