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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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Five Year Celebration · 7:28am Nov 1st, 2021

Greetings my friends. Well, it's been five years and over 250 chapters since I first released the Element of Courage. And in that time, we've had a lot of fun. We've laughed, we've cried and we've gotten really angry. And now, to celebrate, my editor Kingjoltik and I have each compiled our ten favourite chapters of the Flash Sentry Chronicles series. First, Kingjoltik's picks. Take it away bud.

Hello everypony, KingJoltik here! I'm here to give my top 10 Flash Sentry Chronicles chapters! Now, I know what you're thinking, this guy did write a few chapters in chronicles and he'll probably chose all of his to be his top 10. And while I'll say that is a very tempting idea, I'm going to put one rule for myself. I can't choose any chapters that I have written. However, chapters that have scenes I wrote are fair game. (Which are just a few, though one in particular I may decide against due to the nature of the chapter.)

Now, let the fun begin!

Number 10

The Princess's Apprentice/Let's Rev It Up

Okay, so this is the only one I ended up choosing two different chapters, as I couldn't figure out which one I liked more. For 'The Princess's Apprentice', I'm not the biggest fan of Disney, but I loved this idea the moment Banshee showed it too me. I really enjoy when we get to show Twilight and Flash when they were kids, showing that these two could be dumb kids despite how smart both of seem to be. (More Twilight than Flash of course)

As for the 'Let's Rev It Up', I love this chapter for a few obvious reasons. If you know me as Banshee's editor, you know my favorite character is Springer, and me and Banshee had gone over before what Springer would be in the EQ world. (If I remember correctly, he was originally just going to be a plushie Flash had) Now, I'm not a car guy, but I loved the idea that this is what Pony Flash would really want in a car and his EQ version would make it by scratch. That and we get to see this fast friendship between the two, which I feel works even better than the original 'Jakhowl' chapter way back in season 1. And we also get a Shade cameo, which everyone should know why I love that as well.

Number 9

Flash's Corruption

Now, this one is a chapter most readers probably forgot about. Its way back in the 'Chaos and Harmony' story, which I believe is super important. Between it and the 'Crystal Darkness' story, these two stories helped form the tones that both Banshee and me would use throughout the story. And while the later story with Sombra would show how dark the story could become at times, 'Chaos and Harmony' helped show where the comedy could go, the action of the story, and the shifting tones we could use.

As for this chapter, its one of the most tone shifting chapters ever, showing that it was also possible in this style of writing. It starts in a semi-dark vibe with Flash getting corrupted, then goes for mystery with Flash, to a heartwarming tone with the flashbacks, to goofball comedy with Discord as you watch him get frustrated with Flash. This scene in particular with Discord and 'Doctor Discord' always gets me:

"Then why can't I get rid of that?!" Discord exclaimed, pointing at the still cowering yet glowing Flash Sentry. "Why is my chaos magic not working on him?!"

"I don't know. I'm you, remember?" the 'doctor' remarked back, shrugging again.

"Oh yeah." Discord snapped his fingers again, causing the 'doctor' to go away. "This must be getting to me. I'm actually using..." Discord's body shivered at the next word. "Logic."

In short, I love this chapter. I feel it helps show what the story could do and branch out from the show even more than it already had. I've always felt season 2 is when things started really picking up, so this was a good jumping off point.

Number 8

Magic Duel

When it comes to the canon episode chapters, its hard to pick favorites without saying its just an episode you really like regularly. Now, I was never a big fan of this episode, but when Banshee showed me what was going to be done in this chapter, I'm so glad this chapter happened. This chapter really pushed the whole 'Flash and Twilight endless ship' idea to its almost limit. I know people prefer the chapter literally called: 'Shipping', but I like this chapter more.

Watching Twilight melt down because she doesn't understand what's wrong with her, and then show Flash is just as stupid as she is but in a totally different way is really funny to me. That and having both girls beat up Flash at the end always makes me laugh. That being said, out of all the chapters, I felt this is the one that is based on a canon episode I liked the most. Granted, I wanted to put 'Dragon Quest' on this chapter, but I felt that that chapter was a bit too...close to my rule due to other reasons. So instead, I'll pick this one, as its one of my favorites in the Twilight/Flash romance.

Number 7

Homeward Bound

This has always been one of my absolute favorites of the series. It felt like a true epilogue, and a great learning experience for both me and Banshee. Doing a full anime-style team arc was great, and seeing this chapter where you see all the payoff is so good. I know most like the battles more, and while I was debating 'True Aura' for this spot, I felt this chapter has more to offer for the Doom arc. And if you're wondering about the epilogue known as 'Journey's End' in the Lost City story, I was debating putting that one on the list as well...and if you asked me on another day, I might have put that one here instead. But for today, its this chapter.

Back to the chapter, its a great epilogue that does so much with so little, shows tragedy with Grand, shows a cliffhanger with Shade, shows hope with the knights in splitting up the crystals and finally, a new beginning for Lightning, who becomes what I believe a favorite for readers as the story continues. Besides, its just nice to see the heroes win and show there's still more days to come.

Number 6

Discarded Honor

There's been several dark chapters we've done over the years, and the War of the Lost City definitely had some of the darkest stuff, (Though Grand's origin story might be the darkest) but this is my favorite of the dark stuff. (Granted, my true favorite dark stuff is in my 'Forgotten Darkness' story that I wrote, but that's not allowed in this list.) This chapter goes full-on the idea of betrayal, something I feel is usually too cartoony when displayed in most modern stuff.

In this chapter, we see Swift slowly realize his mindset and personality is going to ultimately go against him. This is responded by him going to the extreme to try and change, only to see disastrous consequences. I love this kind of story, especially as it shows that even the slightest change in an individual's nature can lead to something far worse. That and I just like the mindset of Swift, as he represents something we hadn't seen in the story yet: A corrupted Royal Knight, even if he didn't get the title.

Number 5

The Most Dangerous Flame

When Cold was fully introduced into the cast, me and Banshee had a lot of differing opinions over him. It didn't help that the Knight of Friendship story was so key to the whole story compared to most, so having a new character completely introduced is something...we both had problems with. That being said, after that story, Banshee told me he wanted to use Cold more, and I began trying to figure out a way to implement him in. I started with the tried and true writing formula: 'Opposites Attract'. In other words, its well known that if you put two very different characters together, they just write themselves.

And as the author note says, I thought up the idea of putting Fluttershy with Cold. Granted, I originally was trying to figure out a way to put Pinkie with Cold, as they were true opposites, but it didn't work, so I went with Fluttershy. I'm really glad I did, because I love this chapter. I feel its Banshee's writing at some of its best. Its a basic but very true to character story, this timid yet incredibly kind individual having to team up with a no nonsense stick in the mud that couldn't even think of using kindness or love to solve issues. In particular, I love the moment where Fluttershy really shows up Cold, telling him off on his narrow-minded vision. Definitely my favorite of season 6.

Number 4

The Ultimate Ponyville Diet

Hoo boy...do I remember when Banshee gave this idea. He had most of season 5 planned out and was asking for any other ideas, and when he showed me this idea...I wasn't sure what to think. On the one hand, I was afraid this would go into a certain type of territory that could go bad really fast. (Which we made fun of in the chapter! HA!) On the other hand, this chapter was a ton of fun.

I love the ideas in this chapters. Watching the girls basically go through boot camp combined with crazy sports and magic was so much fun. And it ends in a nicely tied up bow of a present with the scene where they all panic when being presented with a pile of hayburgers. So funny. This probably has one of my favorite ending gags ever.

Number 3

The Storm of Love

There's no denying what this chapter means compared to the rest of the series. This chapter shows the final conclusion of the Flash and Twilight relationship, finally seeing them together. Though looking back at it, it has the total opposite opening. It starts with a super dark opening of Cold's foalhood, only to cut to him being dark and depressing after being beaten by Twilight.

What follows is a series of truly epic romance, horror and almost tragedy as Twilight and Flash reconcile and show their love for each other...after beating the tar out of a yeti and having a one-sided snowball fight. How romantic.

Though let's be honest, that's the best kind of love story.

Number 2

The Crystal Promise

Ah. This has always been one of my absolute favorites of the entire series. This chapter in the 'Crystal Darkness' story is definitely an outlier in the whole story, as its a pure origin story. I remember when me and Banshee were going over this chapter, as it was originally supposed to be half of a chapter and the other half was Flash, Ruby and Sombra. However, I think that's why I love this chapter so much. It grew into a full origin story, (Which I know people are sometimes really negative against, but I love origin stories) and it helped really shape how lore worked into the overall story.

It was thanks to this chapter that we start to see more of the jakhowl history, and it leads into the rest of the story where we get our first real glimpses into just what is the Sacred Light and Corrupted Shadow. There had been hints before, but we start to get what that is in this story. As for the chapter, I think the biggest reason I love it is the ending. Having Ruby admit she could have saved Sombra if life hadn't gotten in the way always tugs my heart. Not only that, Ruby's whole story is one of hope laced in sadness, the one destined to be a warrior, but that destiny hurts others around her. I love this kind of story.

Number 1

Ramen, Rain and a Hint of Romance

It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to be number 1. I will admit that I might have put number 2 or 3 also as number 1, but I feel this one deserves this spot for my list. Since the beginning of the story, the relationship of Flash and Twilight has always been one of its most important parts, and I feel this chapter shows it at its best.

The two bounce off each other so well in this chapter, both being a nervous wreck over their date before having a date without knowing it. Flash and Twilight truly show here how far they've come and where it can go beyond. I really love the scene where they talk why watching the clouds in the sky, only for them to confess their love yet again. It really shows how they were made for each other, even if their life is a totally crazy, bonkers adventure that keeps them apart so much...and I love to read it.

This story is great, and I'm glad to be a part of it. I'm hoping that it can keep going, as I feel there's still plenty of stories that can be told with these characters. I know that one day it will end, but I believe there's still plenty to tell and show.

As for everypony reading, I hope you continue to read and like the Flash Sentry Chronicles. I know its a long, wild ride, but I feel it can keep going. Until then, let the dice fall and I hope you all have a great day! KingJoltik...out!

Thanks for that man. Nice choices. Now it's onto my top ten. A few of these are double ups, but you'll see why they are. Here it is. My top ten chapters of my series.

Number 10

Boast Busters

Starting off our list, we have a chapter that means more than most people actually think. Whilst it does introduce a fan favourite character, it also has another meaning that not many people probably realise.

Before I explain, I'd like to thank someone who's gone un-thanked up until now. Optimus524. For those of you who don't know him, check him out. He's written some amazing HTTYD fanfics. One of his best is a series that follows the films and shows, but adds an additional character to the mix. And whilst he's a fun character, the problem is him being a part of the series never added much. And for a while, it seemed like I was doing the same.

But then we got to this chapter. Up until this point, everything in the series had been going pretty much the same as in canon. There were a few minor difference, but all in all there was basically nothing added or change that gave this series much reason to exist. And then we got to this and right at the start, Flash's presence shifted the outcome of the entire story. We got to avoid Twilight's worries and really delve into Trixie's backstory, with Flash and his friends helping her discover a path outside her show-boater ways. Of course, this all happened before she returned in the main series so make of that as you will.

This chapter is important, because it was proof that this series wouldn't be like the real thing. It helped me realise I could make something incredibly new, even with something that was already pretty amazing. The season 1 finale, season 3's mission arc and so much more, might never have occurred if not for this chapter.

Number 9

Ponyville's New Defender+Lightning's Redemption

I put these two together because they're kinda similar. Both follow Ponyville's newest defender as he tries to make a place for himself in the town. As a guy whose had trouble fitting in in most circles, I can relate to these guys and the struggles they have to go through.

In Iron's case, his issue is his lack of social skills brought on by his backstory and the loss of his parents. But he also begins to slowly connect to a few ponies, with one in particular, that helps him slowly open up. We'd already seen before that he had a good heart, if a little rough around the edges, but ponies refused to see nothing but his scary exterior until he shows his true heroic side.

In Lightning's case, the pony's prejudice were understandable given what he had done in the past. I'm sure many of you who read that chapter were expecting something similar to Iron's heroic moment to get the ponies to like him, but I know that trust and forgiveness can't always be won by one simple act of heroics. Instead, Lightning works hard to prove his desire to change and slowly begins to show the ponies around him this. By the end of the chapter, not everypony in the town has forgiven him but some of them have and that was a good start. This was also the start of the Lightning Rarity relationship, though that got more focus on later.

Two good chapters that deserve to be on this list, showing that Ponyville is willing to welcome anypony no matter who they are.

Number 8

Showdown at the Chaos Corral

Here's a fun one I enjoyed writing. Flash and Springer attempting to take down Discord. With his friends all corrupted, they seemed to be the last hope for Equestria. It had some amazing action, funny jokes and references and helped Flash show off how awesome he was. Nothing more to say about it except that it was just a fun chapter to read and write.

Number 7

Iron's Revenge, parts one and two

Technically another two in one, but since this is one story split over two chapters I think it can stay. Yes, it's Iron's big moment to shine. Discovering the killer of his parents has escaped, Iron goes on a quest to finally take him down and stop him from acquiring a powerful piece of fruit that could cause a lot of harm.

Fluttershy of course plays a large roll in this story and, of course, this was where their relationship finally came to fruition. Between Iron's introduction in season 1 and this moment, we've seen how the two have helped one another grow and supported each other through the tough times. Let's face it, their relationship makes this chapter.

Throw in Flash getting to kick butt against the three supercharged criminals, Iron's knighting and many more amazing moments and we've got one heck of a chapter.

Number 6

Family Reunion

Ever since the start of my series, everyone has wondered several things. Who is Flash? Who are his parents? Why weren't they around and instead left Flash to live on the streets? Slowly, I revealed clues about where Flash came from and the connections he had. Things like the orphanage he was left at, Scootaloo being his sister and the mysterious cloaked ponies that were watching him.

Then, this chapter came out and I got to finally reveal almost everything. We finally meet Flash's parents and whilst his reaction wasn't...great, I think it helped show that Flash still had a ways to go when it comes to stuff like this. Not only do we learn how Flash came to be in the orphanage, we got to see him overcome his fears and finally unlock the power that was being teased for so long. Coupled with Flash getting his Rainbow Connection Key and we have what I like to think was a pretty great chapter.

Number 5


One of the biggest jokes in MLP is that the Equestrian Guard...pretty much sucks. Watch any video from Firebrand and you'll understand why. So when I created this series, I wanted to give the guard something that they can be proud of. Enter the Royal Knights, based on the Digimon equivalent of the same name. Guards that were the best of the best. The SAS of Equestria. They were meant to be the ultimate protectors of Equestria, which is why is sucked to have them get sidelined.

I mean, it kind of makes sense. If they're able to defeat the big bads then they'd be no reason for Twilight and the others to save the day. So most of the time, I end up sidelining them or having them be beaten rather easily.

But then we have the Doom Arc, where the Royal Knights really are the heroes facing off against a mighty threat. Whilst the arc doesn't start off with them being on great terms, all throughout it we see the Knights coming together to defeat Doom Raizer's followers until, finally, all that was left was a supercharged unicorn psycho.

Which brings us to Doomsday, the chapter where the Royal Knights get to show off everything they can do against the monster. The entire chapter was one massive battle, with stakes growing more and more as it goes on. At one point, it looks like the knights are beaten until our boy Flash steps forward and inspires them to keep going. And working together, they're able to finally defeat Doom Raizer.

I remember writing this chapter and to be honest, I couldn't stop myself. Even when my fingers started hurting, I couldn't stop myself until the entire chapter was done. It was just that much fun. A great battle with some great moments makes a great chapter. Don't you agree.

Number 4


You had to know this was coming. Yup, it's the chapter that introduced everyone's favourite two legged canine. For those that don't know, I originally introduced Springer to mainly be a pet for Flash so that he wasn't left out of the Mane Six's pony pet play dates. However, the character of Springer evolved well beyond what I had originally designed for him. What can I say about Springer that isn't already known. He's clearly the best partner anyone could ever ask for and teaming up with Flash is certainly something that really improved the quality of the series.

Rereading this chapter now, knowing everything that has now been established about the jakhowls, makes me unable to believe how much this character has grown over the years. An amazing little wolf that everyone should thing of naming their Riolu's after. And a great chapter that introduced him.

Number 3

Clash at Canterlot Cathedral+Equestria's Harmony

Another two in one but again, these chapters are so interlinked you can't think of one without the other. The final battle of season 1, with all of Canterlot on the line. Being one of Flash's first great challenges, and showing off all the ponies of Equestria in an amazing light.

When I first started writing these stories, I never thought I would get this far. I figured I would eventually get bored and stop finding the drive to write. So when I completed this season, it felt like a massive accomplishment. Something I will always take pride in and finishing the season off with this certainly makes these two chapters deer to my heart.

Number 2

The Storm of Love

The first MLP product I saw was the first movie, which introduced Flash. I had expected him to become a mainstay of the series during season 4, thanks for not having that happen internet (growls), but no matter what Flashlight became my go to ship.

So when I first started writing, I swore that I would give this ship the respect it deserved. I took it slow, didn't do that stupid trope of them hating each other for no reason, and let their relationship build. And after much pain staking hard work, I finally got to this chapter. The chapter that had these two ponies finally put their hearts on the line and confess everything to each other. And from everyone's reaction, I clearly did the ship justice. I loved writing this chapter, and not just because of the ending. The whole thing was just so great. Truly, one of my best works.

Number 1

A Diamond in the Rough

Yup. This is it. What else could it be. This is my number one chapter...because it is literally my number one chapter. This is the chapter that started it all. The chapter that introduced my Flash and brought life to the Equestria I created. It might not be the best written, or the longest, but it's what helped me get into the series. I don't know how many of you read it the day it first came out, but those of you that did must have been drawn to it because it's what got you to keep coming back.

Since we're talking about it, I have a confession to make. The whole, Flash being an orphan living on the street and stealing to survive wasn't originally my idea. It became emblazoned into my head thanks to another author. One of the first Fimfiction stories I ever read, and what drew me more and more into the series. Starcrossed, by the Drunken Sailor. Anyone who hasn't read it yet, do yourself a favour and check it out. Just...have tissues ready.

This is my number one chapter because it's where it all began. Before this, I had written tons of different Fanfictions. But I got bored of most of them before I had even finished the first chapter. But this one was different. When I finished writing this one, I couldn't help but wonder where this was going. When I wrote this first chapter, I didn't have any plan for the future. I hadn't come up with the Element of Courage, the Royal Knights, Springer or anything. I just wanted to write a story where Flash got some respect and when I wrote this, something inside me said it was the start of something amazing. And I was right.

Thanks to this chapter, I get going with this series and I let me meet many amazing people. Even through I haven't met any of them in person, I still consider them my friends. And it's thanks to this chapter that that happened. What else is there to say.

Well, that's it. My top ten Flash Sentry Chronicles chapters. I might have other series, but this is the one that stands above them all. It was the first and will possibly be the last one I complete. Who knows. All that matters is, this series has brought a lot of fun and light to my life and I'll never regret a single moment of it. So please, tell me what you think of my choices and what your favourite chapter of the series is. I look forward to hearing it. Until next time.

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Comments ( 9 )

Yup, your choice are nice, especially A Diamond in the Rough! Your younger self didn't know that chapter would change his life forever.

My favorite chapter would be Trial of Flash Sentry where Flash and others are absolutely getting "murdered" by an evil robot clone of Flash! I was figuring out of how will Flash beat his evil clone. (Amd I was listening to hard-core music while reading this chapter).

This chapter sets up for a story arc on Season 7 with Void being an arc villain. (It's very refreshing to have an Earth pony as major threat since most of major threats are either unicorns or horned creatures... just saying).

Well, my favourite episode is one of the newest.

A dragon place.

Well Spike is my favourite character and i really like that episode because its a sequel of the Dragon Awakening

Because in that one, Spike begins his real magic training, and its so sad the guilt feel of Flicker even if that wasnt his fault.

It's difficult to choose a favorite between all those chapter because I love them all. It will be the third time, I have read this serie. Good job Banshee and KingJoltik for your incredible work.

This is nice, a great way for both you and Kingjoltik to celebrate 5 successful years. Both of your choices are pretty good ones, and for your own good reasons. Still hard to believe this all started 5 years ago and you have accomplished so much since then. I am so glad I discovered you and stuck with you through it all.

I honestly have a very hard time picking my own favorite chapter from the series, since I have been with it from the start and it always does so well. A few years ago my first choice for the best chapter was "Jakhowl-Day", but a lot has happened since then. A few other candidates I think for the best chapter now are probably "Journey's End", "Malafear's Restoration", and "A Flurry of Emotions".

Congrats again & great choices you 2! You have given us quite a wild ride with these stories, which slways makes up come back for more! :ajsmug:

Course my new fave at this point is *A Dragon's Place* it really opened Spike's role more ith his magic training & let him grow up & mature ( wished Hasbro gave us an answer regarding his egg's origin but what can you do) Now I can't wait to see him interacting with another fave dragon of mine when S8 rolls around! :moustache:

Happy Fifth Anniversary.

I'll wait until the series comes to its end. Opinions can and do change.

Oh, okay, you're still invested in this series. Whew! That last chapter had me worried you were getting writer's fatigue, but this post seems to indicate that you're fine. I hope this series stays enjoyable for you, and that it doesn't end up turning into a chore. :twilightsmile:

Happy five years, Banshee. Here's to 5 more.

Happy Fifth Anniversary! 🎉🎂🍰🎊🍰🎊🎉

I'm a bit late but I want thank you again for the opportunity to present what began as initially an excuse to turn the Knights into dragons and a certain purple dragon a chance in the spotlight, into what became my first real collab story and I'll always cherish the time we took to come up with story beats and characters.

I remember when you started the series I almost skipped because you didn't have an editor at the time and these were my exact words.

You seriously need to put periods, exclamation points, and question marks at the end of characters sentences. I really like this story I do, but simple stuff like this is what stops from reading stories in the first place.

I'm glad I pressed on though.

As for my favorite chapter, I'm avoiding anything from Dragon's Awakening because of my bias towards of course. :raritywink:

I would it would be the chapter that introduced Springer to the series although I can't remember the name.

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