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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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Flash Sentry Pokemon Win Record · 8:04am Feb 2nd, 2022

Hey all. So a commenter of mine recently sent this to me and I enjoyed reading it and finding out what it meant, so I've decided to let you all read it as well. The commenter's agreed to let me show you as long as I don't tell you who it was. Everything after the line is what he wrote so, enjoy.

I explained this to you a bit a few months ago, but to refresh your memory I was inspired by this video to determine the win rate for each of Flash's Pokémon in each story, and the series overall.

I decided to try to follow the same rules as in the video as close as possible, but I did make a few small changes here and there though. I bent Rule 4 a little, about a judge needing to be present for Wild Pokémon battles to be official. I don’t count every Wild Pokémon, but if Flash and his Pokémon go out of their way to challenge them, are challenged by them, or if their battle is meant to determine something based on its outcome, then I think it should count regardless if someone declares one of them unable to battle or not. Also, Rule 8, battles in movies not being counted, is ignored entirely since you made it clear your movies are canon and take place between chapters in the “main story”. But this doesn’t effect it all that much since the only “official battles” in them happen in the beginning.

Harmony and Chaos

Springer: 7W 3L 2T = 67%
No surprise Springer has the best rate of all of Flash’s Pokémon for the start of his journey. He shows why he is his partner and ace. He swept Doc’s whole team, Higear and Tockwork, in Flash’s first Gym Battle, and defeated a trainer’s Dusclops, Mothim, and Houndoom all at once with one Aura Sphere, though that still only counts as one win unfortunately. He was also the one to defeat Solid Stone’s Excadrill and Machamp, Maud’s Torpeller, and Cold Forecast’s Snocicle in the opening match of The Hoof Cup. He even manages to put on great showing when he ties, tying against Lightning’s Chimplug in Flash and Lightning’s first battle and the first battle of the series, and then against Scar the Scrapow. His first official loss in the series was against a random trainer’s Beakula in “Evolutionary Block”, the halfway point of the story, then later against Shining Armor’s Galladin along with the rest of Flash’s team. Unfortunately, in the final battle of the story, he was beat (read: ROBBED!) by Doc’s Steeledge.

Skyler: 7W 6L = 54%
Skyler probably showed the most improvement out of all Flash’s Pokémon in the first story, even being the first to evolve. He ended up tying with Springer’s number of wins thanks to the Sky Battle Tournament, even though most of them were off-screen. Despite being caught early on, he didn’t have an official battle until “The Bolt and the Butterflies” where he lost to Tank twice. He later lost to Thorax’s Movine and Kingsect, Solid Stone’s Machamp, and Shining Armor’s Galladin. He won against Thorax’s Movine in a rematch, five opponents in the Sky Battle Tournament (including High Note’s Scyther and Cloud Clipper’s Pidgeot), and finally Owlicious.

Riptide: 3W 5L = 38%
Looking back at the first story it is easy to see why Riptide was considered Flash’s “weakest Pokémon” for awhile. He lost a lot of his early battles, not getting a single official win in the first half of the story, and get less than 40%" and in fact his first official win wasn’t until Total Eclixie of the Heart. He lost to Doc’s Higear, Lightning’s Chimplug, Solid Stone’s Machamp, Shining Armor’s Galladin, and Doc’s Tockwork. He won against a trainer’s Mienshao, Maud’s Spikorn, and Doc’s Higear in a rematch.

Prongs: 4W 5L 2T = 45%
Prongs kinda has a spotty battle record in hindsight. He has performed well in several battles, but not so well in others. Though this could be excused as Flash still learning at the time. He won against Thorax’s Starider, a trainer’s Golem, and Thunderbass’ Electabuzz. He also battled Fancy Pants’ and Fleur’s Persian and Furfrou along with Peewee, but since Fancy called the battle off it counts as a win for Prongs by forfeit. Prongs however has also lost to Lightning’s Geckoxic, Thorax’s Movine twice, Solid Stone’s Machamp and Shining Armor's Galladin. He tied against Winona and Maud’s Stegolate.

Viper: 5W 5L = 50%
This one actually surprised me. Viper always seemed like one of Flash’s stronger Pokémon, so the fact that he actually lost just as often as he won was a shocker. He seemed like his disobedience was going to cause problems at first, similar to cases like Ash’s Charizard , but thankfully that was taken care of quickly and he became a reliable battler. He won against Lightning’s Higear, being the first of Flash’s Pokémon to beat one of Lightning’s, beat Thorax’s Movine and Kingsect, a trainer’s Hawlucha, and Doc’s Tockwork. He lost to Thorax’s Kingsect in their first battle, Solid Stone’s Machamp, Shining Armor’s Galladin, and Doc’s Steeledge. He also technically lost his first official battle, a training battle against Owlicious, due to being disqualified due to disobeying Flash and using excessive force; the only time in the series a Pokémon has been disqualified.

Equestrian Adventures

Springer: 5W 2L = 72%
Although Springer still has a good record, even improving his percentage a little from the previous story, he unfortunately suffers a bit due to being out of focus for a lot of story arcs and official battles, with Riptide and Hopper getting a majority of the focus in this story, especially the latter. Springer lost in the only Gym Battle he participated in this story without beating a single Pokémon, getting beaten by Braeburn’s Douburrow, and later lost his rematch against Lightning’s Chimplug. However, he still managed to score some impressive wins. His first official win was during the movie of the season when he defeated Vinyl’s Boomax in Voice of the Ocean, and when Flash was later training all of his Pokémon to prepare for his Gym Battle with Spitfire, Springer was the only one shown to actually win a battle, when he defeated Doc’s Flitanium ( REVENGE!). Also, despite my hatred of The Hoofington Battle Tournament, Springer ironically proves himself to be one of the best parts of it and the MVP of Flash’s team during it, winning Flash his Battle Royal fight against Rarity’s Pyruby, Pinkie’s Mellowmarsh, and Doc’s Lairon, and then defeating Lightning’s Frostoak and Guardroid in the final round. Maybe if he had gotten a bit more focus in some battles instead of being off on the sidelines, his record would have been even better, since all of his wins show he is still one of Flash’s best Pokémon.

Skyler: 3W 1L 1T = 70%
Skyler unfortunately also did not receive too much focus, but he did great in all the battles he was part of. He defeated Granny Smith’s Timbark, Vinyl’s Chatot, and Tank in their long awaited rematch, which also led to his evolution in one of his best moments ever. He tied against Spitfire’s Tornavian and lost to Lightning’s Guardroid.

Riptide: 4W 3L = 58%
Riptide was shown to have improved a lot since the previous story, thanks in part to his evolution at the start of the story. He won against a wild Piercish in an official challenge to help the Kelpool get their home back, winning the first official battle of the story. He later defeated Braeburn’s Douburrow, a random trainer’s Gliscor, and Vinyl’s Loudred. Unfortunately, his losses, though much fewer than the previous story, still hold back his overall percentage quite a bit. He lost to Braeburn’s Stampalo and Doc’s Tockwork again. Then he lost to Lightning’s Chimplug/Gorillamp yet again in what can only be described as simultaneously brutal, frustrating, and depressing. This also unfortunately makes him one of the only two of Flash’s Pokémon not to win a single battle in The Hoofington Battle Tournament, ending his arc of the story on a down note.

Prongs: 4W 4L = 50%
Prongs managed to do somewhat better this story. His number of wins was still the same, but he technically lost less. I know he technically had a practice battle with Viper against Rarity's Herbarald and Pyruby, with the two of them clearly on the verge of losing, but the battle was interrupted with no official winner being determined, so it technically doesn't count. He won against Granny Smith’s Pipple, a wild Ferrothorn as an official challenge to stop it from terrorizing the forest, and Braeburn’s Redog and Stampalo. He lost to Granny Smith’s Chitaleaf, Vinyl’s Chimecho, Tank, and Lightning’s Pitchawk. The wins he got were certainly important ones since they let Flash win his Gym Battles and got him to evolve, but other than that he didn’t get too much focus compared to his teammates. It also didn’t help that he was one of the only two of Flash’s Pokémon not to win a single battle in The Hoofington Battle Tournament, despite participating in two different rounds.

Viper: 7W 4L = 64%
Viper is another Pokémon that showed a lot of improvement in this story. He also managed to get the most official wins out of all of Flash’s Pokémon in the story, though this is in part due to him participating in Camp Everfree’s Double Battle Tournament, with most of his wins during it happening off-screen. Even in most of the battles he ended up losing he still managed to find a way to contribute, like by defeating an opposing Pokémon beforehand or managing to damage or poison his opponent enough for it to be beaten by one of his teammates later. He lost to Granny Smith’s Timbark, Vinyl’s Noibat, Spitfire’s Tornavian, and Lightning’s Guardroid. Also like Prongs, the two of them fought together in a practice battle against Rarity's Herbarald and Pyruby, with the two of them clearly on the verge of losing, but the battle was interrupted with no official winner being determined, so it technically doesn't count. Viper’s first official win in the story was against Granny Smith’s Chitaleaf, but then he next participated in Camp Everfree’s Double Battle Tournament and things get a little tricky. He and Shine battle together and win the whole event, with him evolving in the process, but it isn’t stated the exact number of matches they participated in. From what I count, they won at least four matches, which includes Pinkie’s Bloxx and Bulk’s Throh, a Muk and Volbeat, a Sneasel and Heracross, and finally Gloriosa’s Roserade and Timber’s Breloom. He later won against Spitfire’s Flitanium and Lightning’s Sharazor.

Hopper: 5W 1L 1T = 79%
Hopper quickly made himself a fan favorite as soon as he was introduced, and even though he didn’t get a lot of chances to battle at first due to just being a baby, once he evolved he quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset, getting the best win rate of Flash’s team in the story and even being the first of his team to become fully evolved. His first official win was during Voice of the Ocean when he easily defeated Vinyl’s Palpitoad. He went on to defeat Spitfire’s Wondor, Rainbow’s Fletchinder, Ryu’s Noivern, and in the climactic final battle of the story defeated Cadmus’ Galvern. Even though Cadmus was a villain and cheated partway through the battle, he still technically challenged Flash and Hopper officially beforehand, making him one of the few villains to officially challenge and schedule a battle rather than making it purely making the hero fight in self-defense. He briefly battled Rainbow’s Wondor in a training match, but with no outcome shown, similarly he and Shine had a brief training battle but no official winner was declared, and unfortunately his win against Kaida’s Dragonair does not count due to her attacking them unprovoked and them simply defending themselves against her. His only tie and loss both happened during The Hoofington Battle Tournament, against Rainbow’s Gliscor and Lightning’s Frillace respectively.

Equestrian Champions

Springer: 15W 5L 1T = 74%
This was unquestionably Springer’s greatest performance in the series. It is made clear that not only is Springer’s Flash’s partner and ace Pokémon, but he is seen as the leader among all of Flash’s other Pokémon, and even as a big brother by some of them. Springer initially seemed to have a rocky start in the first half of the story. During the Manehattan City Contest, Springer lost to Rarity’s Aquapphire in the semi-finals. He then lost to Tidal Wave’s Leviapent, Shining’s Banshriek, Ember’s Champagoon, and Lightning’s Gorillamp once again. His only tie was against Applejack’s Clobberoo. However, looking back over everything showed that Springer won more battles than I initially realized. In the very first chapter, Springer battles another trainer’s Armaldo, until the trainer calls off the battle, which technically counts as a win via forfeit for Flash and Springer. They were seen battling a Donphan shortly afterwards, and although it seemed very likely they won again I sadly can’t count it without confirmation. Springer also managed to defeat a girl’s Liepard in the Manehattan City Contest. Though it seemed like Springer had the least to do in Flash’s Gym Battle with Tidal Wave, he still managed to defeat Tidal’s Reefincer. Springer was part of Flash’s team used in the Balance Battle Tournament, along with Skyler and Viper. Together they defeated four other teams, including a Carnivine, Whimsicott, and Jumpluff, a Corviknight, Pidgeot, and Noctowl, an unknown third team, and Lightning's team of Gorillamp, Pitchawk, and Frostoak. Also, Springer was the only member of Flash’s team to remain completely undefeated during the whole event, technically being the only time he has defeated Gorillamp. Springer’s next win was one of his best, when he defeated the evil Lucario that was the leader of his old pack as an official challenge, in order to end his rule over them and save them from him. He then defeated Ember’s Galvern, and in the opening of Rival and Darkness defeated a Mawile. In the preliminaries of the Equestria League, Flash used Springer and defeated three opponents to qualify, including a Stompice, a Bisharp, and Timber’s Breloom. During the finals of the League between Flash and Lightning, Springer defeated Lightning’s Roglacier again in their rematch. Then, Springer’s final battle and final victory was his best one ever, when he defeated Shining’s Galladin in their rematch during the championship match, with him evolving into a Lucario in the process! He and Flash truly did achieve their goal, not just becoming champions together, but becoming the strongest team ever.

Skyler: 10W 6L = 63%
Skyler participated in more battles here than any other story in the series. This proved to be a bit of a double-edged sword for him though. He got a lot more wins out of it, but since he wasn't the big finisher of a lot of them that meant he suffered a few more losses as well. His first official win was against Tidal Wave's Piercish. Then he competed in the Balance Battle Tournament along with Springer and Viper, defeating four different teams to win the tournament, including a Carnivine, Whimsicott, and Jumpluff, a Corviknight, Pidgeot, and Noctowl, an unknown third team, and Lightning's team of Gorillamp, Pitchawk, and Frostoak. Skyler's next official win wasn't until the opening battle of Rival and Darkness, when he defeated a Ninjask. Then in the Equestria League he defeated Daisyjo, Applejack's Ludicolo, Lightning's Thrashark, and Shining's Banshriek. His first loss in the story was against Tidal Wave's Reefincer. Then during the Balance Battle Tournament, he and Viper were both eliminated during the final round against Lightning's team; their only loss during the tournament. I decided to rule it similar to the rules of a Double Battle, and rule that as a loss for Skyler, while still giving him and his teammates a win for winning the overall match. During the Equestria League, he first lost an off-screen battle when Flash battled Heath Burns, against either Magmortar or Darmanitan. He then lost to Bloomberg, Lightning's Venomega, and Shining's Galladin again. Despite not having as much focus as he previously did though, it is clear that he has come a long way from how he began, and earned every single one of his wins.

Riptide: 17W 2L = 90%
If there were a prize for "Most Improved", Riptide would definitely earn it here. He went from having the worst win rate on Flash's team at the beginning of the series to having the highest win rate with the most wins in the final story. His only two loses were against Ember's Galvern and Shining's Galladin again, and that was pretty much because the big starring role to end the battle was for someone else. During the Ocean Champion Tournament, Riptide won after defeating seven different Reptidals, which includes at least one Wild Reptidal and Wingill’s shiny Reptidal Fin. Riptide then defeated Tidal Wave’s Leviapent and Ember’s Blazegon in Flash’s last two Gym Battles. I know between this, Flash used Riptide in a battle against Rutherford’s Mamoswine, but the result of this battle is never revealed, and thus can’t be counted. In the opening battle of Rival and Darkness, Riptide defeated a Heliolisk. Finally, during the Equestria League, Riptide defeats Heath Burns entire team on his own (though it is unknown how much Skyler and Astro helped we have confirmation Riptide dealt the finishing blow to all of them), which consisted of Magmortar, Darmanitan, and Blazegon (Riptide is just defeating all of those things). He then defeated Applejack’s Flapple, Lightning’s Pitchawk and Gorillamp (FINALLY!) and Shining’s Hydraworm. It is clear that Riptide is a big reason Flash made it as far as he did and finally became champion.

Prongs: 4W 3L 1T = 57%
Thus, Prongs officially gets past the 50% mark on his record! Unfortunately unlike the rest of Flash's team, Prongs wasn't used in any tournaments other than the League, and didn't really have any focus chapters after his final evolution, but in the end his wins ultimately outweighed his losses, instead of tying with them. Though I want to count his decisive victory against Dreadbeard's Thrashark, it unfortunately does not count due to it being a battle of self-defense. Prongs wins in the story consist of Tidal Wave's Lokelpie, a Mushroast in the big opening battle of Rival and Darkness, Trixie's Sagic, and Winona during their long awaited rematch in the League. Prongs lost to Tidal Wave's Leviapent, Bloomberg, and Lightning's Venomega, which unfortunately made him the only one of Flash's Pokémon to not win a battle during their epic match (and in addition to Astro, the only one to never beat any of Lightning's Pokémon in general). Prongs' last battle seen was against Shining's Lokelpie, resulting in a tie between them, which ultimately improved his overall win rate.

Viper: 9W 4L 1T = 68%
Viper once again proved to be one of Flash's powerhouses with a very reliable record, and once again improved his win rate. Just like previously, he ended up playing a major role in each battle he participated in. Not only did he score a lot of wins, he also managed to inflict status effects on his enemies a lot, whether it was through poisoning or burning. His first official wins of the series were from the Balance Battle Tournament, with him being part of the team Flash used for the tournament. He, Springer, and Skyler defeated four other teams of Pokémon, which included a Carnivine, Whimsicott, and Jumpluff, a Corviknight, Pidgeot, and Noctowl, an unknown third team, and Lightning's team of Gorillamp, Pitchawk, and Frostoak. Each of these battles count as one win each for him and his teammates. Moving on, he defeated Ember's Terragon and during the big opening battle of Rival and Darkness was shown defeating a Vespiquen. During the Equestria League he defeated Bloomberg, Lightning's Androrg, and Shining's Ankyload. Determining his first loss was a bit tricky at first, since during the battle against Lightning's team in the Balance Battle Tournament he and Skyler were eliminated, their only loss during the tournament. I decided to rule it similar to the rules of a Double Battle, and rule that as a loss for Viper, while still giving him and his teammates a win for winning the overall match. Viper later lost to Ember's Blazegon, Lightning's Venomega, and Shining's Lokelpie. Viper's only tie was against Trixie's Hatterene, and here's a small fun fact, it was the very first time in the story Flash's Pokémon tied with another.

Astro: 10W 5L = 67%
Astro was another great addition to Flash's team. It took him awhile to get the hang of battling a bit, but I think he got a lot more experience than Hopper did when he first hatched. He was used in battles a lot more often early on, thus earning a lot of experience and learning very powerful moves quickly. His first official win was during his rematch against Sugarcoat's Morgrem. He then went on a long winning streak, where he defeated five opponents during "Love, Pokémon Style", first defeating a Hypno, then winning Baron Von Babbelon's tournament for Flash, defeating an Eelektross, a Nidorino, a Skorupi, and finally Tender's Venomega (albeit due to a forfeit). Astro later managed to defeat Ember's ace Pokémon Champagoon, evolving into a Galvern in the process. Astro helped everyone win the big battle at the beginning of Rival and Darkness, shown defeating a Drifblim. During the Equestria League, Astro defeated Trixie's Slowking and Shining Armor's Oaking. Astro's losses include his first official battle against Peewee and then his first battle against Sugarcoat's Morgrem. He didn't lose again until the Equestria League, where he lost against Trixie's Hatterene, Applejack's Clobberoo, and Shining Armor's Galladin. His record might have suffered a bit due to him becoming a bit of a jobber in the League, but his victories far outweigh his defeats and helped secure Flash his wins and championship in the League regardless.

Hopper: 1W 1L = 50%
Really not a lot to say on this one. We got the return of fan favorite Hopper for the Equestria League finals against Lightning, just like how Gliscor returned to help Ash against Paul. This meant he participated the least out of all Flash's Pokémon, but still got a great performance. I know for sure he did better than a certain other dragon's return that turned out to be a big letdown (cough Goodra cough). He defeated Lightning's Venomega in their rematch, avenging his loss against it previously, and then lost against Lightning's Gorillamp.

Final Results:

In order from lowest win rate through the entire series to highest we have!
Prongs: 12W 12L 3T = 50%
Skyler: 20W 13L 1T = 61%
Viper: 21W 13L 1T = 62%
Astro: 10W 5L = 67%
Riptide: 24W 10L = 71%
Springer: 27W 10L 3T = 72%
Hopper: 6W 2L 1T = 73%

So in terms of wins and losses, Springer is the winner in terms of most wins, with 27 win in total. Skyler and Viper share the most losses, with 13 losses each. In terms of fewest wins and losses, Hopper takes both with only 6 wins and 2 losses respectively, but if you exclude him due to his absence from Flash's team then Astro takes it instead, with 10 wins and 5 losses.

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Nice records. It’s great to see how much they’ve improved

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