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"Here to stay, is the new bird. He sings a love song, as we go along, walking in a Winter Wonderland."- Bing Crosby (Dashie | she/her | pfp by Omi)

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    New Audio Reading!

    I have uploaded a new audio reading onto my YouTube channel. It’s a reading of Keeping With Tradition by applejackofalltrades.

    Here’s the YouTube link, you can check it out if you feel like it.

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  • 2 weeks
    The Problem With Being ‘Known’

    If anyone is familiar with music, they should know the phenomenon of the notorious ‘27 Club’. For those that don’t, The 27 Club is comprised of a collection of musical artists who died at 27. While the idea may revolve around selective observation, the pattern remains that there’s a large collection of musicians who died specifically at the age of 27.

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    On the Mundane

    A long time ago, well, a couple years, but basically forever ago when going by my FiMFiction, I wrote a story.

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    But Like

    Why does Zipp have to be a pony I’d die for.

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    G5’s Sure Fun

    Fair warning before I get into this, there will be mentions of politics in this Blog Post. If you don’t wish to read all that, you have been warned.

    I wasn’t originally going to do this, but after seeing both FOX News and The Daily Mail talk about G5, as well as my “friend” from school apparently writing a review on it, I figured I’d get into it sooner or later.

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It’s Been Awhile · 3:47pm October 20th

I haven’t uploaded any stories recently, and I want to write a short Blog Post explaining why.

Bear in mind that I’m still participating in plenty of contests, I just don’t feel like uploading them at present (though I might upload my most recent work soon).

I haven’t lost my drive for writing, and in fact, that’s exactly why I haven’t uploaded anything recently.

I’m working on something rather substantial, prewriting it in its entirety before I upload it, there’s at least 36 chapters, but more might be added, because I might run out of space before I’m finished telling the story.

I’m going to be preoccupied with that for a while, so if my story output continues slowing dramatically, you know why.

Let’s hope I can upload it before 2022, though no promises (hell, no promises on if I finish the thing, but you should know that about me by now).

And until next time; be awesome!

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