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    Due to, of course, more transphobia and disagreeing with site-majority opinions, I have been informed that I will be kicked off the site permanently starting tomorrow. I have prepared a farewell message in the comments below.

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    Happy Easter!

    And to those who don't celebrate Easter, too bad, I'm going to impose it on you. Happy Easter. Jesus Christ died for you too, and because He rose from the dead, so can we all.

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    Fluttershy bravely staring down a demon of lava and metal

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Just a quick field trip · 11:46am Oct 19th, 2021

Up to Boston. An hour and a half flight later, and I'll be with my uncle to go to the temple together.

See, the closest temple to me is the Washington DC temple, only 45 minutes away, but that's closed for renovations. Same with the Philadelphia temple, which is the next closest one. That one is a three hour drive. And after that, you might as well hop onto a plane and go anywhere in the country for your needs.

Temples are places where you perform special ordinances as proxies for people who have died. You get baptized, you get the spirit conferred upon you, etc, for a long-dead relative, for example. Of course, you can't just do it for anyone you want; celebrities, people less than a hundred years old, notable historical figures, and Holocaust victims are off the docket.

But the temple is also a place where you can feel the spirit of God most closely. Each of them are designed for the purpose of being a house unto the Lord. It is a place of reflection, reverence, and revelation, and it's a thin spot in the veil between the spirit world and our world. It's a real privilege to enter one, and my biggest passive goal in life is to always live worthy of entering it. With any luck, it will always be a refuge for me from the dark influences of the world.

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I love going to see the temple. I feel at peace and happiness while I go there.

You and me both. Everything else can just melt away once you really get into it. Which temple are you closest to?

Columbia, SC Temple

Wow, cool. I went to EFY with a girl who lived in NC, and by the end of the week, she really warmed up to me. She's at BYU now, but we still keep in touch.

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