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stupid parody i came up with in the shower, may delete later · 3:15am October 8th

Sunny: Princess Celestia, I've done it. I've stopped racism!
:trollestia: Celestia: Thank you, Sunny. Now I am free to roam this Earth.
Sprout: Not if I have anything to say about it. And I do! I'm gonna say the M-word!
Sprout: Mayonnaise…!!!


Sunny: Princess Celestia, where are you? Are you okay?
Sprout: She is no longer with us, Sunny. And with her death, I am finally free to say the M-word whenever I want.
Windigo: Not if I have anything to say about it, Sprout! And I do! Prepare for my Pony Unification Freeze Ray Beam!

Sprout: Sunny, you wouldn't let me die, would you?
Sunny: Shut up, cracker.

Sunny: Hey, Hitch, who's that pony in front of us rising out of the water?
False Luna: It is I, Princess Luna!
Hitch: Princess Luna, what are you doing here?
False Luna: I have come to exact revenge on you ponies for allowing my sister to die at the hooves of Sprout.
Sunny: But Your Majesty, we did everything we could!
False Luna: I've already made up my mind.
Sunny: Princess Luna, don't do it! This won't bring Celestia back!



Sunny: Sunny's Log, #32. Princes Luna has struck us out of the sky by saying the M-word.
Izzy: It just doesn't make sense, Sunny! Princess Luna would never say the M-word!
Sunny: I don't understand it either, Izzy. But some things you just gotta live with. Unless...

…Sprout! I should've known it was you!

False Luna (Sprout): Sunny, my friend, I see you've discovered my master plan. Now that I've taken over Luna's body, I have full reign to say the M-word whenever and however I please.
Sunny: So what you're saying is... you're inside of a mare?
False Luna (Sprout): Why, yes, I suppose you could say that.
Sunny: But Sprout, wouldn't that make you STRAIGHT?
False Luna (Sprout): No.. this can't be!

*Sprout is reduced to atoms*


Sunny: Well, girls, we did it. Racism is no more.
:twilightsmile: Princess Twilight: Hello, Sunny.
Sunny: Princess Twilight-senpai? What are you doing here?
Princess Twilight: I came to thank you for your great service to Equestria.
Sunny: No thanks necessary, Princess.
Princess Twilight: As a token of my gratitude, I'd like to give you these alicorn wings.
Sunny: Princess Twilight, it is an honor to call you…ma Larson.
Princess Twilight: And as to you, old friend.

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Luna getting that M-Word pass.

now excuse me while i go do my 100 bing-bongs for typing out the M-word

A finer piece of art has never been crafted by human hands.

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