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When I look into the future, I see failure.

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    hi! i dont really care about blogs but i care about the story im gonna talk about here. i just updated the ending for Ocean Death, my heavy-handed allegorical Twilight fic. i think i finally got something close to the ending i wanted — the original ending was too unclear, the second too saccharine; i think this nails how i feel. you

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    story recommendation

    hey nerds. im here to use my platform to tell u to read This Story


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    hell yes! maybe a silly milestone to celebrate but i dunno, never really expected to break like 40 when i started writing. joining the speedwriting community and really dedicating myself to improving my writing and learning from others has done a lot for me both as a writer and a person. if youre not fortunate enough already to be in a similiar situation, id really recommend finding someplace

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story recommendation · 3:36am Oct 4th, 2021

hey nerds. im here to use my platform to tell u to read This Story


because it is: good and also: very good. i was beyond excited to see it in progress and even more thrilled to see the published piece. all of kims best work has a very Real feeling to it and this story especially benefits from the very grounded nature of the relationship it portrays. what we see in Hairbrush is a story of two women beginning to bridge the gap between friends and Something Other Than Friends and the genuine anxiety that comes with it. the way kim uses the premise of two characters exploring the basic tenets of BDSM as a vehicle for a story about trust, desire, boundaries, and what happens when we cross them is a testament to their skill as an author.

im not really sure what else i can add to convince you, the reader of this blogpost, to become the reader of the aforementioned story. im a lesbian and woman enthusiast and i really fucking loved this story. i love it, actively, and implore you to love it as well

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has sex

I'm allergic.

Ahhhh thanks babe!

sex allergies effect 20% of people and no one is talking about this :pensive:

youre very welcome, my love. your fic wasssss fantastic and so are you

4/20 🅱eople

Author Interviewer

why the hell did it ask me to confirm that I want to see mature material <.< I've had that setting on for years now.

I guess it must be extra smutty.

dont u know theres nothing more dangerous, more lascivious, more lewd..... than two girls in love?

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