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I have adopted all foals of Equestria and write stories about their lives. Help me feed them by supporting me on Patreon or Ko-fi!

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    My Story for Nightmare Night 2021 releases tomorrow!

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There is one last thing I need to do before I dive into the Generation 5 Movie myself..... and that, is this story. (+ My return to writing after a near complete 5 months long break.) · 8:22pm September 29th

Generation 5 is here. The long awaited moment has come. I look forward to this and I'm hyped for the start of Generation 5 since January, ever since I learned that Generation 5 is not a reboot of the "My Little Pony" franchise, but a sequel to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I always said that Generation 5 could very well be a sequel, the first "My Little Pony" generation that isn't a reboot, because of the enormous success Generation 4 was for Hasbro. And I was right in the end. We are seeing Equestria in its distant future, see how it developed in hundreds, maybe thousands of years, and perhaps learn how the ponies and creatures we love shaped Equestria after the final credits of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic were rolling.
I have not yet watched the Generation 5 Movie, however. Because there is one last, cathartic thing that I needed to do, something that I have been working on for an entire week now. I sacrificed all nine of the first streams of the Generation 5 Movie for this project. And I don't regret a single minute.
Generation 5 his here now, but regardless of how much I love Sunny Starscout and how much I'm in love with Izzy's voice since seeing the Generation 5 Trailer for the first time, the ponies and creatures of Generation 4 will always be the most important ones to me and I will always love them the most, no matter what ponies we will meet in Generation 5. With this, it was easy to write this story. A story that is more than a story, it's a love letter. A love letter to all ponies and creatures we have met during Generation 4, ponies and creatures that I have come to see as my family and friends in the last 9+ years.
So, without further introduction, here is my love letter to all of them, a story that captures the spirit of Equestria and Friendship and, technically, my first Generation 5 story as well, but definitely not my last Generation 4 story. And most importantly, it is my way of telling all ponies and creatures of Equestria how much I love them and how much all of them mean to me:

And with this story, I am also ending a very long break from writing. A break I haven't told anyone of you about, because I was unsure how long this break would take and I did not want to say that I interrupt my releases indefinitely, because this term means something different to everyone. There was a risk that some of you would think I'll be absent from writing for a year or more, which would have reflected bad on releases, and I did not want to take that risk.
The break I was going through helped to create in peace in me while I am writing that hasn't been there for almost four and a half years. I could get away from all the deadline stress I was putting myself through last year and this year and find my calm in writing, that I thought I've lost in 2017, again. I am writing stories and chapters faster now, much faster than in any of the previous years, with a natural tempo that I deeply missed, and I feel my full passion for writing stories again.
And this means that I will finally get into the home stretch of writing "Dreamwalker Dash" and, if everything keeps going well, finish the story this year. I will also return to "Letters to Cozy Glow" that hasn't seen an update since June and to my other active stories that haven't seen new words written for them since April.
There is no release date I can announce yet, but with how things are going at the moment, it won't be long until the first new chapter of "Dreamwalker Dash" releases. I left the story at a pretty mean cliffhanger, as Rainbow Dash would probably say. But you will learn more about Heat Iron and see more of him soon now.
Now it's almost October, which means I'll be writing a story for Nightmare Night again, and soon I also want to write a pure Generation 5 story that's fully set in Equestria's distant future, once I have seen the Generation 5 Movie and familiarized myself enough with everything and everypony. I will talk about these stories in their own blog entries once I have enough information to present about them.
Until then, I hope you all enjoyed the Generation 5 Movie or will enjoy it if you still haven't seen it yet. I am getting something good to eat now and then will go into a new adventure.
Please don't put any spoilers in the comments of this blog entry and.....

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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