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  • Saturday
    Writing has been slow this week.

    So after rapid-fire writing and posting those updates to Unicorn Attack, I decided to resume posting in the order that I was previously.

    But the next chapter updates aren't going smoothly. You would think that restaurant business in a college town would slow down with school being out, but that's not the case just yet.

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  • Wednesday
    Shameless Plug Time!

    Furry? Fan of the old Rampage games?


    Have a spare $4.50?

    Then check out Pawperty Damage on Steam, which just released today! Particularly if you've had a bad day at work.

    Pawperty Damage (Steam Store)

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  • 1 week
    Tell Your Tale: Ponytropico

    This week, the Mane 5 have to catch a ferry even though they have a flying RV, Zipp doesn't know how to fly around storm clouds, and Sparky is still eating everything in sight.

    And the showrunners have used this song three times now.

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  • 1 week
    Miles' Misc. Updates

    Alright, if you don't follow my Twitter, here's what I've been up to this week.

    After quitting Diablo 2 Resurrected after getting my teeth kicked in with the beginning of Nightmare difficulty, and facerolling my way through the easy-by-comparison Diablo 3, I took part in the Diablo IV Server Slam this past weekend.

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  • 2 weeks
    Pretty sure this guarantees a sequel.

    Sonic Frontiers has finally de-throned Sonic Heroes as the bestselling 3D Sonic game of all time.

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You know what I love best about this trailer? · 6:52am Sep 10th, 2021

I mean, apart from the amazing looking Revan.

'EA' isn't shamelessly plastered onto the title logo anywhere.

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I thought the same and had to go back to double-check, but nope! This one's clean, Jim.

Yup, by Apyr, LucasFilm games, etc. And apparently some of the OG devs have come to work on it

Any idea if PC´s will get a version too ?

I said this during the Showcase. "About F$^@ing time."

PS5 and PC have been confirmed.

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