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i started sketching Zoey out instead of writing tonight because i've hardly got any dedicated writing time left now that i've sacrificed it to the sleep gods. · 6:45am August 25th

I don't have the face fully sketched yet, but I've got things laid out for when I have some more time. For now, it's just the general head and face shape. :V

I'd say that this is already very much an improvement over how my previous sketch of Sammy went around the same stage!

And yes, these are gonna be characters in that webcomic project I was talking about before. I'm gonna base it on my Tonkus-verse project that may or may not now be named "Fractures", meaning that the whole recycled character crew is here!

Sammy's already been drawn out in both a "detailed" and "fast" style, and I'm currently working on Zoey! The rest will include Lisa, Caleb, and one more character who up until recently hasn't seen any use, Brodie! Additional characters such as Emily and Samantha may show up from time to time, but they aren't part of the main cast for the most part.

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