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Do you believe in this statement? · 3:55am August 17th

All a person cares about is those close to them. Nobody else matters.

Sorry for saying that, though. I just wanted to know if anybody else believes that.

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Maybe. Depends on the person more than humanity itself.

" Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. " those are words i follow that i love my family but i love my close friends just as much

I think it's safe to say that the average person who is mentally, emotionally and socially healthy cares about everyone, but prioritizes the people closest to them above the rest of the people that they don't know at all.

I half agree and I half don't agree. That's because it depends on if that person is showing that they also have your best interest at heart. If you're the only one showing that you care about someone then to me that tends to be a red flag. Why do I think this way? I was raised in a cult. I was always told that those that older than you automatically deserve love and respect just because they're older.

I was also told that you can only be friends with those inside the cult and if you don't protect them then you're persecuting them. Yeah talk about twisted mindsets. Yikes!

I think for love to take place in a relationship or family for that matter, there has to be conditional love and not unconditional love. For me, in order to gain my love is you have to show me that you care and want my best interests at heart. That's why I'm still married and I've been married for 8 years because of my husband shows that he wants my best interests at heart and I show the same thing for him.

True, you can have people that are close you that you really care about. But at the same time I think others need to be cared about too. To me there just needs be balance on who matters most to you and who doesn't.

You don't have to apologize for speaking your mind. As long as you're not harming anyone I think speaking your mind about certain issues is a good thing.

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