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omg get hyyyyyyyyyypppppppppeeeee · 10:46pm Aug 11th, 2021

I'm headed to Everfree Northwest tomorrow morning! I'm so excited to meet everyone who'll be there!

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
Not while I'm flying to Seattle, 'cause I think that would cause some very significant flight delays, not to mention other issues. :rainbowwild:

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You keep that Pinkie safe now :rainbowkiss:

Keep Pinkie Pie Safe. Mask up and make sure she doesn’t get with in six feet. She’s eager to hug but she’d understand. For realsies have fun. I wish I could go to a Brony convention. Hopefully I can soon before they all close down. I want to be among the Bronies for once.

have a blast!

Masked Pinkie Pie is super cute.


Have a great time. I hope it's super fun. Take care of Pinkie.

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