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Random Ramblings CDXVI · 2:30am Aug 7th, 2021

I'm not much one for physical exertion, so I hire people to do work for me. I also fail at my instrument, so here's Aimyon.

Below the jump you will find info on what I'm working on right now. Please join me if you have a minute.

This past Wednesday was the first anniversary of my dad's death. But neither my mom nor I felt any real sadness on the day. I did the night before mostly because I'm still dealing with legal leftovers he didn't know he had. My mom had a really hard time when her mother (my grandmama), with whom I was very close, passed away 10 years ago. But that's because she died fairly suddenly. Conversely, my dad had been ill for years -- he beat cancer but not the recovery. Basically he was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Can't totally blame him for that one, honestly. He was still a stubborn old Indian though, and it was NOT fun to be there for half a year watching him die. Point is, with him we had time to mentally prepare. Also, he's literally still here, as the pandemic has kept me from being able to travel to his preferred spot to scatter his ashes. I wish more people in my back-ass-wards Southern State would get their stupid selves vaccinated.

Yes, I'm well aware that the vaccinated can still catch and spread Delta-'Rona. BUT, the vaccine I got (Pfizer) remains 100% effective against death and needing a ventilator. From the case reports I've read, at worst it's like a bad flu… IF you're vaccinated. If you're not, then hopefully you called my dad when he was still alive to get your estate in order, 'cuz you be fucked.

I'm hoping Pfizer & Moderna receive full authorization from the FDA soon. Unfortunately, there is a rigorous review process for that and it takes time. That's actually a very good thing from a scientific & medical standpoint. Regrettably the delay doesn't help in backwards states like mine where legislators literally ban counties, municipalities, and school districts from implementing mask mandates. Even our right-wing governor (I voted against him multiple times because he also used to be my congressman, even worked against him, but he's not a demon like most Republicans and I like him personally – he DID veto the anti-trans bill but got overridden) admitted it was a bad law once the situation on the ground changed -- most GOP governors won't even admit THAT. He's also been pro-vaccine from Day 1, even getting jeered by his own people. So, credit where it's due I guess. Damn shame he's term-limited out next year because his replacement is likely to be a hundred times worse.

So, I hired some Salvadoran guys to redo my back yard and build a proper privacy fence because I really can't stand the young couple renting the house next door. They have a dog and a kid. After more than a decade without a dog (and my ancient girl was always very quiet by dog standards), I've come to hate the noise. I've never liked babies or toddlers, mostly because of the high-pitched squealing and the smell. I'm also a naturally light sleeper unless it's raining or I've drunk myself to sleep. Hopefully this new fence will blunt at least some of the loudness. An additional plus is that the last vestiges of non-native honeysuckle are gone because I had the guys take out the old chain link fence that was covered in vines.

I'm further along in my quest to make my property as close to 100% native plants as possible. I've been wanting to do this project, among others, for awhile and I'm excited to finally see headway. This Fall will see stumps removed and likely new trees, ferns, grasses, and other things planted.

I started work on Chapter 9 of EQUESTRIA GIRLS awhile ago but stopped because I had so much other life-stuff going on. I'm sure I'll finish it soon-ish. I never had any intention of adapting every EQG:PS video to prose, but there are a few videos I think are worth fitting into my universe before I end it with "Chaos Dunk".

I'm very sorry I haven't finished this year's Mayor Mare story. Blame the slow legal system for not moving faster on Trump. Oh, it's going to happen (they've charged his business with fraud, and financial crimes are simultaneously difficult cases to build but easy to prove once all the pieces are in place -- there's a reason Al Capone went down for tax evasion and not racketeering, and they clearly want to get Trump on both of those eventually). I may use the impending Matt Gaetz indictment as a conduit against Equestria's evil Chancellor instead.

Now… What should the Biden-pony Chancellor be named? Stutterbee? Nemuroh? Old Uncle Whatshisface?
(I gladly voted for ol' Uncle Joe, but I'm not above poking fun at him -- I have Privilege to do so because I also have a stammer)

As G4 slowly dies and my life has been busy with overseeing projects plus legal bullshit, it's looking less and less likely I'll actually FINISH Sunset's complete story arc, which is unfair to her and especially to Apple Bloom. I've known for years how I plan to wrap up Sunset's world (and EQG in general). Because it involves a LOT of necessary background and character development for Apple Bloom, who has been conspicuously absent in my works (my retelling of "Happy Holidays" aside, but even that was necessary, so I didn't give a shit that most readers hated it -- I did what I needed to do, which was to establish her), it's basically two BIG stories, and I've only written part of the first one. Even though I know where it will end up, I'm still not sure, even years later, about how to get there. Murder mysteries are hard to do right. I wish my mom hadn't sold all her Agatha Christie novels a few years ago.

I'll let YOU speculate on who dies and who the culprit is. All I'll say is I've already dropped hints to what's coming. Just eat a burrito.

Meanwhile, I'm still formulating in my brain the concept for Sukeban Sunset, based on the gloriously batshit-crazy 1970s manga (and 1985 TV series) Sukeban Deka -- translated: "Delinquent Girl Detective". I had to overhaul it in my brain a few days ago because I realized that, instead of making the Trump offspring the bad guys (which they are IRL), the Dazzlings fit perfectly into the role of the Mizuchi Sisters. The reason I didn't think of it at the start was because, as y'all know, I've been writing the Dazzlings from a humanizing standpoint for some time, especially Sonata. I love writing them. It's going to be difficult to make them irredeemable bad-guys again… But, it's AU, and anything goes there!

Like fellow horse-writer milesprower06, I'm starting to dip my toes back into the world of Sonic The Hedgehog. NEVER IN MY LIFE did I ever think I would ever want to write a Sonic fic -- everyone and their dog knows how infamously terrible those often are. But, inspired by Ian Flynn's current run on the "new" IDW Sonic comics wherein he "fixes" Forces (a game I haven't played, which is evidently a good thing), there's an old hated STH story I've thought for years I could tweak and make not-suck. It's been taking up a lot of my creative brainpower lately as I mull over the concept. This is because my instinct has always been to build the world first, then throw the characters into it and see how they react and adapt. When/if I have more information on this story, I'll let y'all know where to find it. I do NOT plan on ever crossing MLP with Sonic. I don't hate y'all or myself that much.

Another non-MLP fic I've wanted to do for years is something related to Lupin The Third. The concept centers around: "What would happen if Fujiko genuinely loved Lupin and didn't feel compelled to stab him in the back? Time travel (established in the original manga) and tragedy …and of course sex, because Lupin.

I've also considered doing an Urusei Yatsura ("Lum") fic where Lum uses one of her crazy alien devices and discovers her Darling -- that'd be Ataru, the most sex-crazed & perverted young man in the Universe -- isn't a virgin but she is. Hijinks and violence ensue.

So, as you can see, the gears in my brain are always turning, even if it doesn't usually doesn't make it to the keyboard and a "published" story.

After I posted that piece-of-shit 1000-word "I'm Back" fic -- which I did entirely because I didn't want to return from enforced hiatus with a mere chapter update, and y'all know I like to get meta -- I gained my 500th follower! I feel accomplished. Kind of. It's a nice milestone.

I'll try my best.

Peace out.

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Glad you're doing well-ish lately after all that's happened.

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