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I was going to have a very productive writing/editing week... · 1:00am July 2nd

... but then a friend recommended I play a visual novel called "Katawa Shoujo."

And that kinda emotionally wrecked me.

But in the good way lol

Also DDLC+ dropped and that's been a fun nostalgia trip.

But I should really get to work since I want to have this finished soon...

*boots up game*

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Katawa Shoujo is definitely one of those "Why is this so surprisingly good?" things in life.

And it's free!

But at what cost

I know, madness! Every once in a while, people put some amazing free games. Nowadays, devs are normally testing the waters to see if they can make a commercial project out of the idea, which is fine, but those one-off "we just wanted to make this" projects will always hold a special place in my heart.

Well, it sounds like you've at least been more productive than me...DDLC is a time suck along with so many other, shiny things. I don't know why, but somehow I keep thinking this blog I've been staring at for a month will write itself...:pinkiehappy:

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