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Missed the SHIP-IT SHOW · 12:34am June 9th

Well, it finally happened... I missed the LIVE Ship it show that aired today.

I've been having horrible sleep spells at this time of day.

-The PTSD adds to it (Keeping me awake at night or waking me up too early)
-I completed another vid for Greg Cipes to promote his "Dogism" (as asked by Greg)
-Working on Starfleet Season 10
-Now I got a whole bunch of new ideas for Yugioh E-Quest

...I actually fell asleep, and forget to set my timer, and then I went to work and didn't realize what time or day it was.

Ah, well... was still able to catch the show later (Ya can't always be there for 'em all) Don't have to anyway.

Still... it's hard when you're so tired and restless and angry all the time.

The sooner I start pushing characters in my fics around again... THE slightly better.


Comments ( 5 )

Hope you feel better. :pinkiehappy:


Sure, it's okay. Like I said, I got to see the show anyway (Once it stops being LIVE, it's a regular vid)

As for the sleep spells... there's no cure for that.

Still I hope you feel better even with the sleep spells

it happens to the best of us. ive had a few of those as well.


Well, at least it wasn't something detrimental.

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