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The New Elements, and Haywire Updates · 2:54am May 24th, 2021

Featured in Haywire: Origins, alongside Starlight Glimmer, is five new characters central to the story of Haywire: Origins and the upcoming Haywire.

Of all five, there's first off, Skai Shine. One in a twin pair, an older brother, my personal spirit animal(but not necessarily my favorite of the bunch) and lastly born with a natural magical deficiency, like is theorized about Scootaloo, preventing one from flying and another from using magic.

Next up is his twin sister, Rosegarden Shine. Like Twilight and Starlight, she's a very prominent magic user, well versed in all kinds of magic. She's quick to use her magic in all kinds of both practical and entertaining ways, from transfiguration to teleportation. When Skai moved to Ponyville for personal reasons, she joined him to not only stay with her twin brother, but to also begin a whole new adventure outside of Canterlot, where she lived her whole life.

Next up is the most unique of the crew, Ponyville's resident Changeling(excluding Ocellus since she lives at the School of Friendship): Crimson. Originally just an average run of the mill Changeling, she was very eager to enjoy the magic of friendship when Starlight Glimmer transformed the Changeling Kingdom.

Then there's Ash, born named Burnt Apple. He was raised without a father, who went missing shortly after his birth. His mother, Velvet Apple, raised him right in Appleloosa with the rest of the Apple Family. Although he stands out being the only Pegasus Apple, he isn't fazed by it one bit, in fact using it to his advantage during Applebuck Season.

Lastly: Onyx Moonshade. Raised in Canterlot by an Eastern Unicorn(whom are famed for their magical prominence) for a mother, and a former Wonderbolt for a father, she was raised in high society. However, after she lost her father and couldn't find her mother, she lost herself to the darkness. Thankfully, Starlight and Onyx's new friends came together and brought her back to the light.

And that's it for the NEW characters. But don't worry, not only will Starlight find her time to shine, all of the previous main and minor characters from the past will make their way in. I absolutely love the Mane 6, and am so excited to combine their unique personalities with the Haywire team. Which, by the way, is coming soon. I have a lot of the story for the first book written(which will be split up into season-like arcs with hiatuses in-between) and have the rough draft for the premiere almost finished. Then there's the final draft, the art and then finally uploading it all. I'm very excited to get Haywire out into the world, and I'm even more excited for everyone to read it.

Last, but not least, a look at the (first but most likely not final) cover for Haywire! (Don't mind some minor inconsistencies, it's gonna be updated before the story release. Some design aspects were polished after the cover was made, not before.)

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