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Haywire Story Premiere · 7:50pm Jun 22nd, 2021

Haywire: Volume 1, Arc 1 Begins this Saturday, 6/26!

Story Synopsis: Starlight Glimmer works hard day and night to move past her dark history, and with her newfound friends it's all possible!... And yeah the Elements of Harmony are probably useful too. Taking place some time after Twilight's second coronation, Starlight and her friends Skai, Rosegarden, Crimson, Ash and Onyx, anything is possible. With only the occasional enemy or two, Starlight and company usually find themselves in lighthearted situations, growing closer and strengthening bonds, as well as discovering who they truly are within.

Arc 1 Synopsis: The Elements Arc arrives, and as we catch up on the land of Equestria and how it's changed since we last were there, many fun adventures arise. From Rarity solving yet another mystery, a very unique wedding proposal, Celestia and Luna make an appearance, we meet plenty of relatives of the Elements and more. Welcome back to all the ponies you know and love, and most of all: Welcome back to Equestria!

And, as has been said plenty of times, the Mane 6 are going to be main-ish characters. Let's call them post-primary: Not secondary, but they aren't as focused as the Elements. I've always wanted to write something like an episode of MLP, and this story tries it's best to capture the magic within every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm very excited to bring this story to everyone, and I hope to see you on Saturday!

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