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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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    The power of Dwarven craftmenship

    Better than any elf. All three movies much shorter now.

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    The fandom is a shadow of its former self

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    Sorry for all the blog spam I did recently

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    Super Secret Petting finally now has an ending

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A new Futurama crossover? · 7:24am May 21st, 2021

Edit: Sorry for all the blogs nearly every day recently. I'll slow down for awhile and I'll give you a break.

Long ago. I used to make Futurama crossovers with this fandom. (my very first story was a Futurama crossover) Would you like to see another one?

So, got any plot ideas on how I would go about it?

If I were to make another Futurama crossover. Who would you want me to ship Philip J. Fry with? Here's key ponies of interest and your reasons as to why. The Mane Six (individual members if necessary) The pony princesses.

Report Bendy · 63 views · #Futurama #crossover
Comments ( 6 )

tiny humans land on planet of giant sexy ponies.
Zapp branigan tries to seduce an even more giant celestia. celestia has no interest, and tells him using logical reasoning. Doesnt work.
something something, toy sized spaceships vs giant horse battle.

However, giant Celestia is charmed by Fry singing I am Walking on Sunshine to her?

Someone once did a PWNY story with Derpy adopted by Planet Express.
The story got cancelled last time I checked.

Do a PWNY story, Bendy!

Maybe. Who knows.

Might just make a clopfic. XD

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