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  • Thursday
    Thanksgiving vs. Christmas dinner?

    An argument that will cause a great war. Be honest about it, you don't care to see your family or the history of it. All you care about is the dinner.

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  • Tuesday
    Shipping Fry with a pony?

    Philip J. Fry, from Futurama. The obvious choice is Twilight Sparkle. She is purple like Leela, hot and smart as well. Twilight would probably be fascinated that Fry doesn't have a delta brain wave. Leela being jealous could be quite fun for some drama elements in a story.

    But what are your opinions?

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  • Monday
    What do you think of those pretentious anti-human stories?

    Yeah, you know the ones. I get to listen to a perfect Mary Sue bad-mouthing me for being born the wrong way, in a universe that is trying to constantly kill me and my race. Yet, I'm the bad guy? I listen to an immortal, 'perfect' pony, and blah blah blah. Instead of actually having sympathy for me for living in an unforgiving universe, they decide to be a smug smart ass and bad mouth me.

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  • 1 week
    Twilight watches the movie Twilight

    And reads the book afterward. What do you think Twilight's reaction would be to Twilight?

    In all seriousness when I watched that movie I felt like I wanted to rip my eyes out it was that bad. Sparkling vampires, enough said.

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  • 1 week
    Signal Boost: Cerulean Voice

    Maybe one day I'll have problems of my own so I might as well use my privileged position (of not being fucked by life so much) and virtual signal. Hopefully, as part of the 1000 follower club I can do something. At any rate: Cerulean Voice needs help: see blog: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/970947/massive-oof

    Sorry for the double blog post. Plus, I made this after having some beers.

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Fimfiction On SubscribeStar · 6:49pm May 14th

What does everyone think of this move? I think it's great. But we must remain ever vigilant. For now, there seems to be hope in the darkness.

I have pledged my support to fimfiction. Because cute ponies need defending. Along with HIE romance. You don't get human x pony elsewhere really.

Give the riders of Rohans proper steeds to fight Mordor. Ponies!

Report Bendy · 116 views · #Subscribestar
Comments ( 18 )
Bendy #2 · May 14th · · ·

Riders of Rohan! XD

Just gotta get through some angry folks false-flagging on their way out in an effort to get Fimfiction de-listed with Subscribestar and everything's gravy.

Bendy #4 · May 14th · · ·

Yeah. The puritan prudes may be coming for us. Otherwise known as the fun police.

Well, some users are already placing the bait.

Holy shit....

What the hell? Honestly. That's all I say here.

Yeah, I saw that as well. I don't really take Tramp seriously to begin with, he's too ideologically possessed to get through to. That said, reported that in a heartbeat, because he's gone too far this time.

Wydril #8 · May 15th · · ·

I've said this in a couple other places, but I don't think that blog seriously reflects his views. The timing with Fimfiction just starting on Subscribestar after being kicked off Patreon, and suddenly this obvious red-flag blog goes up from someone who has historically been pretty hard left, suggests it's a false-flag to be used to convince or pressure Subscribestar to drop Fimfiction. The vocal left here have been making noise about leaving to go to Offprint if options 2 and 3 from Knighty's blog were not implemented, and this feels like going for scorched earth on the way out. That said, it's still heinous whether or not it reflects his views; it doesn't belong here.

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me, but I think you're giving him too much credit. Still, the end result could potentially be the same, so best treat it as you suggest.

Hopefully one of the mods will deal with it sooner rather than later.

Well, that blog is now deleted, and for the time being at least the user is banned. No idea if it's temporary or what.

Bendy #11 · May 16th · · ·

Yeah. Normally, I don't call for censorship. But that was totally insane.

He's caught a ban before as I recall, for wishing death on police if I'm not mistaken. Not every day someone upgrades to calls for genocide, but he's a communist so it's well within his wheelhouse.


Bendy #13 · May 16th · · ·

Does he not realize, that a police force is necessary for a country to even function? Without a police force your entire country is basically run by gangsters then. Who you gonna call to stop terrorists and general people who just want to commit crime?

Even 'communist' nations have a police force. I'm pretty sure we have had some sort of police force since the very beginning of civilization.

For example, the Romans had town guards to keep their citizens safe. I'm pretty sure if was the same case for Ancient Egypt, and even older civilizations.

Well, to be fair he is a communist. Totalitarian regimes are kind of their thing.

Sorry, let me correct myself. He is, according to his bio, "a heteroflexible feminist pro-choice pro-Palestinian anti-fascist LGBTQ-ally hippie Christian idealist environmentalist pacifistic capitalistic socialist."

Supposedly that's five years out of date. Regardless, I wasn't really impressed when last I tangled with him, and that remains unchanged. I'd HOPED he'd mellow out after his first ban, but it looks like that was too much to ask.

Bendy #15 · May 16th · · ·

Let's be careful. What we say here. This isn't a 100% free speech zone. We talk about ponies for the most part here.

I advice to edit your comment if necessary.

Bendy #17 · May 16th · · ·

I think so. But anyway, I'll trying to avoid the culture war. To some degree at least.

I can respect that, really. I'm not so good at avoiding it, it seems. I actively engage with it more than I'd like.

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