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Copyrighting Chaos · 3:52pm May 14th

Hello, and welcome back to another update on the adaptation of 'Howlite Howler' to 'Of Scales and Fur.'

I had a stellar breakthrough with the climax of my story this week; there were extra twists, turns and revelations that 'Howlite Howler' sadly couldn't replicate. I even managed to add in a character that you can actually read about in one of my other fanfictions:

The Ladvisicous, Ludicrous Loco Luco from 'Logan and Carol; the Wolves of Equestria.' Inspired by the Joker from Batman, and Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3.

For those that haven't read this particular fic yet, Luco is an anarchist who worships Discord. He sees Discord as a severely underappreciated necessity of life, and seeks to spread chaos in his name to fight against the order that threatens to overtake the world and upset the balence of power. A complete wild card, Luco is neither friend nor foe, constantly changing his allegiance on a dime depending on what the conflict needs him to be. The only ones he's steadfastly loyal to are Discord, his god, and Blazy Blue, his adopted dragon daughter.

However, there's one problem in putting Luco into 'Of Scales and Fur;' he can't specifically state that he's an agent of Discord, since Discord is still a Hasbro owned character.

Now, the way I've gotten around this for now is by simply not mentioning Discord's name or appearance in the book. I do have Luco be noted as an anarchist that worships a demon of chaos, but I never drop Discord's name, and the draconequus is never even seen nor described in 'Of Scales and Fur.' But, for anyone that's read 'The Wolves of Equestria,' they will know that Discord is Luco's patron deity.

Is this good enough? Please let me know; I always appreciate your feedback and aid towards making this book the best it can be.

Thanks for your time, and have a great day.


Comments ( 5 )

This seems resonable. I mean their is literally more then one chaos god. So it should be fine...I think? Either way I am more excited to read your story.

But just for some fun. I have idea...

You could also invent one. Maybe a pool of water?

Because whats more chaos then being what you dont't expect?

And getting wet socks.

Ps. To explain my thought. Imagine concerned that everyday items are...a god of chaos?

Or his agent? Imagine the...madness that would bring?

Attack innocent forks and spoons. The reader themselves would glare side eyed at bots and bannans! Even the cabbages!


I like this idea; it feels like the exact sort of thing Luco would do.

Thanks for this. I really appreciate your feedback, and look forward to when I can share this story with you.


He could be like Heath Ledger's Joker in that he considers himself an "Agent of Chaos", but worshipping it more as an abstract concept than any one single being.

One of my friends noted that as well, saying that the concept of chaos works just as well as any deity for it.

Plus, Heath Ledger's Joker was absolutely amazing.

Thanks for the suggestion. :pinkiehappy:

"And you know the thing about Chaos? It's fair"

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