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Reminder to call your mom today! · 7:50pm May 9th

Give her a hug, tell her something nice, get her some chocolates, or just leave a voice message saying something you appreciate about her.

Note: You are completely exempt from this if your mother is a horrible person. If she has been abusive to you, if she has kicked you out, denied your existence, or constantly demeaned you until you could not stand to be near her... DON'T call her! Just because she's your mom doesn't mean you owe her SHIT. I know this day can be hard for people whose mothers actively make them miserable, and I wanted to remind you that your wellbeing comes first over some long-standing holiday tradition.

And to those who have lost their mothers, I know this day is hard for you as well. Do your best to remember the good times, and I hope today passes peacefully and quietly for you in the best way possible.

Happy Mother's Day.


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Also, if you're the horrible person, maybe leave your poor mother alone.

Citation: I am the horrible person.

If you don't have a mom, it's me. I'm your mom now.

Bought her an Oreo ice cream cake and imma bring it back to her place around dinner time. Simple things


*Happy horse noises* :yay:

My mom and I don't get along, but I did send her a card and a gift card. I try to be the bigger person. But we also don't talk much, either.

In better news, my son and his mother are getting along better. He got her an antique sewing machine and made her very happy!

If I had time and the will for it I would read her your story. :heart: :trollestia:

srsly I do love my Mom but such is not to be: she has early stage dementia and if her personality changed that much it would mean I were taking advantage of her which I would never do in a quintillion years—I just want her to stay alive and cogent for a few more years if possible

fuck dementia seriously it is so awful... be grateful for the time you have

This was so sweet. :heart: Thank you.

also in b4 "who's your mommy" jokes


Citation: I am the horrible person.

[citation still needed]

Dementia is a horrible, evil beast. I have close experience with it. You have my genuine, heartfelt condolences and well-wishes on that one.

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