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Struggling With Balancing Ideas Lately · 10:07pm April 25th

You ever get the feeling that you've got a dozen or so ideas floating around your head but you haven't the time to get any of it down?

I've been feeling like that for a while.

Between the four fimfics I'm juggling (Or is it five now), my own webcomic I'm trying to make and the extensive research for it, ideas about Tambelon, Past-Equestria, Future-Equestria, Outer-Equestria, Voice-Acting and more, I can't seem to find a good break to get it all down, even with reduced hours at work. There's a lot going on right now.

Right now, I've taken an online Voice Acting class which seems ready to take up even more of my time but hopefully it'll be worth it.

Sorry about all this. Your patience with me is much appreciated. If anyone really wants to recommend anything to prioritise, that's fine.

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I know that feeling, Patch. It happens. *pats*

Just take it one day at a time bud. Whatever is important at the moment, do that. And if you get some inspiration, write down whatever you can while the iron's hot. Don't force it, just let it come to you. Maybe something fun that always gets you in a bouncy mood might help. :3

You'll be able to get something, I'm sure of it. :twilightsmile:

I get you, mate, no rush. I feel exactly the same about writing and spending my free time otherwise.

And I have patience about the next chapter of lost Reflection and what you might show about Blue's husband, the eagerness us just torturing at times:twilightsheepish:

But please, don't break your head, least we all ned is you getting a burnout or something worse

The feeling.

I get a good idea. Then my realistic mindset comes and butchers it.

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