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    later, nerds (affectionate)

    Hi, everyone! 

    There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m not going to sugar coat it or anything: essentially, I’ve decided that my time here on Fimfiction should come to an end. Starting today, I will no longer be uploading new stories, or updating old stories here. I’ll be permanently moving to my personal website exclusively. 

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    New Personal Website Launch! + Tec Update

    Hi everyone!

    Tagging TEC because this affects it a bit, but I've finally launched my personal story website!

    You can check it out HERE!

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    raritwi shitposting twitter

    hey all!

    just a quick blog to say I've created a twitter account solely dedicated to my raritwi shitposting


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    Another quick blogpost with a really inane comment

    Just because I was thinking about it earlier, but just wanted to say a really silly hot take that i will dedicate an entire blogpost to because I can

    The Enchanted Kingdom is superior to The Enchanted Library in a lot of ways and I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL, i will DIE >:c

    Also have some super cute fanart my friend did of one of the chapters from it

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    Cancelling Some Stories!

    Edit: Just to clarify, Enchanted Carousel is NOT cancelled. I'm cancelling other stories specifically so I can focus on TEC!

    Hi everyone!

    Bit of bad news so I'll try to be quick about it.

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Fundraiser Tomorrow ! Mario Karting for a Friend · 12:24am Apr 10th, 2021

Starting now!

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine is going through a really rough time and has been super financially impacted by Covid, so I'm going to be doing a fundraiser tomorrow to try and raise money to help her! I will be trying to 100% Mario Kart Double Dash (so I'll be playing like... 15 hours or so lmao) while some other kind folks will be drawing in a multistream (I'll add the link tomorrow on a new post).

I'm trying to make it so fun things happen to encourage people to join and donate, including having a very talented VA (Lizzie Freeman) come over to commentate the game as Granny Smith/Pinkie and potentially also play with me if I can figure out my setup lmao

So yeah! The stream should be starting tomorrow at around 10:30 AM PDT, but I'll post another link here tomorrow regardless.


- mono

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From what I remember of the game, I wish you the best of luck.

I'm excited for it! I've never seen Mario Kart Double Dash so that sounds fun.

if you can find someone to play with you it gets easier, my buddy Dan and I back in the day did that, having someone to gun and lean into turns is huge at 150 and mirror.


What goes into 100% completing Double Dash?

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