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Wut · 4:19pm March 12th

There's got to be some sort of context here.

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Soooo...she’s apparently perfectly content with the idea of being impregnated by her brother and offended by the implication that she is attracted to women?

Context please :twilightsheepish:

When you wanna bang your bro and he thinks your a lesbian. It's relatable to someone.


And then the reveal that said bro is homophobic.

I stopped watching right there, especially since he referenced My Boss in his statement.

Just... no.

This reminds me so much of the original Ghost Stories US dub.

But srsly... what kind a of a brother would let their sister lay eggs for them? DESGOSTEN'!

Luckily, abortion is legal where she lives and the next morning they had a fried egg.

...Jaysus that was dark.

Not too dark
The egg was done Sunny Side Up

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