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So busy! · 1:34am Dec 1st, 2012

Hey all of you bronies!

I doubt anyone is really waiting for it or anything, but work on the (non-gore) sequel of Scarlet Harvest (and thus possible updates for Of Maids and Mistresses) has been pretty stalled. My work has been taking up a lot of time, and because of that I've barely been on my computer at all. I hope to be able to get back to it after January, but I've no definite details on my schedule yet. We'll see!

Just thought I'd let you know,
- Unahim

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Tis perfectly fine. I am sure your fans can wait for you to get your work all straightened before you go around posting more.


Totally waiting. Just keep rolling IRL, fanfiction should be near the bottom of your priority list.

Yeah, you're not the only one man. I'm in my last year of university so the project me and my friend started on months ago has gotten nowhere since. Anyway, good luck with everything man. We're all there with ya.

I've been waiting so impatiently I wrote this with a toaster finger.
Yep, don't even question, just do.
Get dem update's rahllin boiii :pinkiecrazy:

Greatness cannot be rushed, it will make the stories all the sweeter.

Just finished my semester as well. Been busy with studying. It's all good. Take your time.

Good things come to those who wait, so the saying goes.
So we'll wait. Because it's you. And you're worth the wait.

Loved of maids & mistresses, not sure how you could do a sequel to it though ! But im looking forward to it :)
Take your time !

Good to hear from you again, at least!

No rush. I don't mind waiting as long as it comes out sexy. :heart: Good luck!

559012 My young child, there is always something to come after marriage, especially in Equestria, for after marriage, it is the time when the real magic begins; the magic of not friendship or love, but the magic of responsibility. Our wonderful couples must now take on the task that one never could think two mares could take upon for such a... wait, I can't say peaceful... there have been to many threesomes and foursomes in this story that it has reached beyond the comprehension of the word 'peaceful'. Messed up? Yeah, that will work definitely. One never could think two mares could take upon for such a messed up (in a good way) world. What is this responsibility that I speak of? Well, that is simple; it is the only one anyone can think of after such an event...

Super Bowl Sunday!:rainbowwild:

If you think nobody's waiting on that Scarlet Harvest sequel, you've got another thing coming :twilightangry2:



Et moi. Do want grimdark! :yay:
But take your time and all that. I haven't even read Scarlet Harvest yet anyways.

where did scarlet harvest go??

so after 3 years, I'm guessing your dead?

Super dead, I would say. :ajsleepy:

It's always sad having to see what could have been :fluttercry:

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