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    21 years together.

    14 years married.

    2 kids.

    A dog and cat.

    A house.

    Stood by her when she has cancer, we made a life together.

    But nope. None of that mattered. None of that was worth fixing or trying to save. Just ‘I’m with him now, let’s be friends.’

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Daily Scribble - The Reluctant Prince · 7:54pm Feb 24th, 2021

The idea I’ve had for a while. Might as well lay it out here...
The story would be narrated by Celestia, taking place shortly after her retirement. She and the other Alocorns meet in the Ascension matrix where they sense another pony has embodied their mark. Turn out it’s just a 14 year old kid who lives out in the country.

Celestia comes to meet him in person and finds he is not at all what she and the others are.

For starters, he was a Pegasus. Not exceptionally bright or charismatic. But their is courage, a sense of right and wrong, duty and hard work.

It seems his element is that of the sky itself, willing the winds and storms with a thought. His very emotions effecting the world around him.

He comes back to Canterlot where he is prepped for coronation. He is fitted for a suit and is being instructed by royal advisers on how to hold himself, how to speak. He has a thick drawl and is strictly told to hide it. Even his name “Barnstormer” is to be changed.

Despite this not sitting right with him he goes along with it.

Celestia can see that this is tough for him, but she is allowing Twilight to run this. Sadly though she lacks the time instead deferring to others.

When he is about to he crowned, the stress gets to him he flies off in a flash of a lighting bolt. Celestia finds him. And after a moment of understanding says.

“Let’s go.”

“Go? Ah-ah suppose we should. Folks were counting on me ta-“


“Nah? Ma’am?”

“Let’s go,” she looks around, “this way.”

“What’s over there?”


“Ah-ah don’t-“

“Come along Barnie. I may control the sun but I will not hold it for you.”

“Y-yes ma’am.”

Starts a sort of journey where she teaches him about his magic, the world, and helps him find his place.

Eventually helping him grow to this

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Comments ( 4 )

Make him gay.
All jokes aside I would read that. It sounds like an interesting idea.

could be interesting to read

You know, Barnstormer becomes Prince Storm so easily. Just saying.

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