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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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REJOICE MY LOEVLY READERS! + Announcements. · 5:22pm February 7th

Hello my readers/followers, it is your lovely pink unicorn NinjaMare (aka Floral Essence) and i have an update about what's been going on for the past week, so this will give you an insight on what's been going.

the main topic is that after writing a few other things, and posted, to help get me back into my comfortable groove, I've written somethings other than chapters of 'I Am NOT Twilight Sparkle' and now, my creative grove back. and speaking of my aptly appointed fic, the 1st chapter of Volume 3 is already half-way written, and will be edited and possibly posted sometime today, or early tomorrow. I still have other chapters to other fics I'm working on, as well as stand alone one-shot fics.

[:raritywink:]now aside from 'I Am NOT Twilight Sparkle' i wish to address a few things:

Item #01 - some of the fics that I'm still working on are giving me some, trouble in where to go with them. so if I can't come up where I'm going with them in a clear path, they will be canceled. so sorry in advance if you like the story that is getting canceled.

Item #02 - I am currently working on two new fics that I've been working on these past three days: one will be with Anthro characters and another will be featured in the Equestrian Girls universe. now most of my readers know that I tend to stay 80 to 90% close what the show depicts in my fics, while making tweaks and changes to the overall show time line. and these two new fics will not be following my general rule on how I handle the world of MLP: FiM, I will be making more original stories while relying on the show less and less. now this is mostly to challenge myself to not hold onto a steady crutch I've felt that I've been holding onto with my other fics.

item #03 - speaking of new fics, I'm also working in a romantic drama between Luna (after her return from banishment + Lunar Eclipse) with a werewolf. I won't give extensive details but this is the one that has the most development of the three new longer fics I'm working on. so you might see it being posted soon.

item #04 - now, this might run sour for some of you, and i do apologize. I'm sorry to say this but, the following fics will not be getting the initial continuations that I've initially planned for them, as the creative sparks for them have sizzled out. BUT! that does not mean that i won't change my mind to continue them in the future, but at the moment, these fics continued storylines will not be worked for the time being: the Six Heroes/Red Hawk/Wind Spirit/Project New World/Oroshi/New World Discovered/and the recently added Centaur Warrior. now again, i might change my mind on whether i will continue to work on them or not, if my creative flow for them returns.

And that my ladies and gentlemen, is your update to what is going on with me and my projects for this site. hopefully you look forward for the continuation of already posted stories, and newly posted fics that I will post later on.

if you ever have any questions for me regarding anything discussed in this Blog Post, or just in general, feel free to leave your questions on this blog, my main page, or via private messages. until then, stay safe, hydrated, sanitized, and so on.

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