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Returning To Class Plans · 8:32pm Jan 20th, 2021

This is going to be a interesting post as after my blog post yesterday, I've been planning on what I'm going to do with Returning To Class and I want to share two thing that I'm doing for the story right now

1 (Planning Ahead): Something I haven't done regarding the story up to this point is planning on where the story is going and I'm even planning up to the finale. I know it's weird to not do this until now but hey, it's better to do it late than not doing it at all

2 (Fixing Past Chapters): I'm proud about what I have finished right now, but I feel like they could use some more polish. (Mostly the Prologue) So I kinda want to go back and fix some things and possibly extend the chapters as I want this story to be the best that I can make it.

If anyone have any questions regarding the story, then feel free to ask.

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Best wishes!

You should absolutely plan up to the finale. By knowing where you want them to go you can have them learn and grow how they need to succeed! The best advice I ever got was "plan out your story backwards". That way you can plan for A leading into B leading into C naturally. But knowing they need to get to C.

Even look into things like three act structure ( and the four act structure), The hero's journey, etc. Pick our which characters are getting the most growth and let someone others have their time to shine but otherwise let them be support characters instead. Make notes, make outlines! However much you want. It's better to overkill it than to sit at a scene and wonder what to do. (Just cut to the next scene usually)

I'm looking forward to seeing what you plan!
Writing consistently is a skill I'm trying to learn as well. As you can tell I'm not an expert but this is the kind of generic looking advice that I'm looking back on and going "this is actually crazy useful and wasn't emphasized enough!"

Even take cues from other Five Score stories. Depending on how much you want to rewrite it you could even split up your group into two parties and unite them at a halfway point or something like the original five score did with the mane six

Good luck with your planning!

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