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Artfight And Junk · 2:29am July 8th

Guess who's doing Artfight this year?

I don't really need to say it since you already know.

I'm trying Artfight this year. Come attack me if you want.

I'm also still working of stuff, I'm just focusing on Artfight right now but I promise I'll get something out this month.

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God I hate Spotify Ads · 1:41am June 13th

Don’t you just love it when your writing some music while listening to music and then suddenly a ad starts? I know the feeling way to well.

Like please I don’t want the damn bts meal McDonalds I just want to listen to some Lemon Demon for once!

Sorry for the mini rant. (Btw, new Five Score chapter tomorrow.)

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Happy Late 1 Year Anniversary! · 4:46pm April 24th

I know I’m late by three days but this week is my one year anniversary of being on this website!

I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I decided to start to write fanfics!

Speaking of fanfics, I’ve been working and I’m hoping to get something out soon.

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The Rewrite Is Out! · 10:30pm March 24th

I'm happy to say that the rewrite for RTC is finally out!

It took a while to finish it as I had a bit of Writer's Block but it's good to finally finish it.

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Quick RTC Update · 7:52pm February 1st

I'd like to give a quick small update onto how I'm doing with rewriting the original chapters.

So far, I've only gotten the Prologue done, but I am making good progress with the other chapters. If everything goes according to plan, I should have all the original chapters done by either the end of this week or early next week.

That's all for now.

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Returning To Class Plans · 8:32pm January 20th

This is going to be a interesting post as after my blog post yesterday, I've been planning on what I'm going to do with Returning To Class and I want to share two thing that I'm doing for the story right now

1 (Planning Ahead): Something I haven't done regarding the story up to this point is planning on where the story is going and I'm even planning up to the finale. I know it's weird to not do this until now but hey, it's better to do it late than not doing it at all

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Time To Stop Procrastinating · 8:37pm January 19th

Sorry for going on a bit of a rant but I am sick and tired of constantly procrastinating on my stories. Every time I say that I'm going to get a chapter of one of my stories done, I always manage to distract myself. I always tell myself that I'll stop but I never do.

As of today, I will attempt to stop procrastinating and attempt to write a new chapter for all three of my stories and potentially make a Fallen Six sequel before the end of February.

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Created An Ao3 Account · 3:58pm Dec 18th, 2020

I've decided that I should create a Ao3 account since I want to write stories for fandoms other than MLP. (Like Pokemon, FNAF, and JJBA)

This doesn't that I'm quitting Fimfiction but that I have a new place to write non-MLP fics. Im planning to have the first chapter of a Pokemon fic up on there today (Depending on if I want to stop procrastinating) If you want to follow me on there, my username on there is the same I use here (Eevee932)

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Happy Birthday MLP! · 9:47pm Oct 10th, 2020

I’m shocked it’s already been 10 years since MLP’s first episode came out and so much has happened since! Here’s to 10 more years!

(PS: A new chapter of one of my stories will be coming out within the next two weeks.)

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Story Requests (Open) · 2:52pm Sep 2nd, 2020

Request Slot 1 (Short-Stories-Pony)

Request Slot 2 (Open)

Request Slot 3 (Open)


1: No M Rated Stories. I'm sure that it's against the rules for a minor to make a M rated story.

2: No Fetishes. I don't like it, even if its for a E or T rated story.

3: No Clop. This is just the same rule as no M rated stories but I just wanted to make sure.

4: Must be around 1000 - 5000 words long. I don't want it to be too long

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