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New Year, New Writing Lessons | Author Talk · 10:09pm Jan 5th, 2021

Not ominous at all...

So, okay, first off: Happy New Year, everybody. (If you're in need of a good happy cry, listen to John Green talk on Auld Lang Syne). This is such a weird statement right now, but it's true: it's a new year. Despite the fact that we've carried so much with us from the old one, I don't know, I'm celebrating the simple fact that somehow, even with fights left ahead of us, so far... we survived.

Second, long time, no blog! I thought I should wait until I had a release date for you to say anything here, since that seemed to be what a number of people have been looking forward to if/when I blog. But, well, most authors on this site don't only blog to reveal story plans, but just... updating people about what's going on and what's on their mind. And honestly? I want to do more of that!

But I don't want people to feel like they have to tune in for every random thought I have or thing I want to share in the hopes they'll get the release date news they actually want (which will be ready when it's ready! I finished chapter 14 of 15 recently and holy hell do I love the final draft; the time spent behind-the-scenes is paying off!). So you know what?

I'm going to categorize my blog posts in the titles from now on, like on this one. Author Talk is for non-story/non-teaser stuff (i.e. life updates, writing craft resources, media reviews/reccs/discussions, etc.), Empathy for the Devil and tagging that story so you're notified, well, I think you can guess :rainbowdetermined2:

Today's Author Talk: No Job but Still Okay + Hey Look Cool Stuff!

Holy hell, I miss having a job :twilightblush: My job search has been unsuccessful so far. I'm at least one of the lucky ones in that I have savings and I was already living at home during my undergrad, so it's not a problem to continue doing so for now, but I do miss building my savings and developing the career I've only just started. But I'll be alright. Keeping at it, one day at a time.

In the meantime, while we're under lockdown again here in Ontario, Canada, my main focuses apart from my job hunt are writing, taking walks, reading/watching/playing/listening/otherwise consuming good media, journaling as therapy/check-in, supporting my family in the ways I can, and hanging out virtually. All the time. Shoutout to Discord for making that a thing I can do because holy hell, I don't know what I'd do without my best friends. They're my heart.

That aside, I feel like I'd be doing you a disservice not to share some of the cool stuff I've been enjoying. Coming toward the end of this novel-length fanfic, I've been aware of how much I've learned as a writer and even more exciting: how much I want to keep learning more continually on the craft of writing/storytelling. Forever.

Writing Excuses Podcast: Ensembles, Middles, and Ends

You might already know about the Writing Excuses podcast, but if you don't, I advise a healthy dose of jumping the fuck in. Any order will do, I jump around based on which topic interests me. For instance, on walks I seriously enjoyed the episodes on Juggling Ensembles, The Long Dark Second Act of the Soul, and Writing The End. I wonder why...

Stay Empathetic,
P.S. Anything you've been digging recently? Writing-related or otherwise?

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Good to hear from you! Looking forward to what lies in store. And here's hoping for better luck in the job search.

Glad to know you're hanging in there Marvel. I'll echo the sentiments on good luck with the job search. With graduation potentially coming up soon for me, finding a job / post-doc is starting to loom over my head. Which, when you're in a fairly narrow discipline already (systematic botany), finding someone to pay ya isn't easy.

I'll take a look at the podcast ya mentioned.

As for media, I've been enjoying the following:
Anime - Digimon Adventure 2020
Western Animation - Transformers: War for Cybertron
Web Animation - Helluva Boss
Video Games - 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Muffins sends her regards.

Thanks, and hey, good luck on your end. I'm knocking on wood your specialization will lead you to something really interesting and up your alley, but I also don't know if knocking on wood is good or bad luck in the systemic botany world. Either way, I'm rooting for you! (I swear that one was only kind of on purpose)

Also ooo, sweet media list. I heard Helluva Boss got off to a great start around episode 2, plus hell yeah for independent animators doing it for themselves!

Thanks Marvel. I wish you luck with your job hunt as well.

Depends on what branch (heh) of botany you're talking about. Ask someone who works on ferns, lycophytes, bryophytes (things like mosses) or monocots, and wood never enters the equation.

Helluva Boss is indeed pretty frickin' amazing from a production standpoint, a story standpoint, and a execution one. I'd recommend checking it out if you haven't yet.

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