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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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  • Friday
    MTCG in a Nutshell:

    Pharynx wiped the tiny tears from his eyes as he gazed into his younger brother’s, for what felt like the first time in years.

    His brother had finally awoken. Thorax was fine.

    From the moment Thorax had opened his eyes, he knew; everything was going to be fine.

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  • 6 days
    I took a paragraph from MTCG and put it in Google Translate again:


    “Why did you do that?”

    Pharynx’s eyes widened once he saw the blue changeling sitting and gazing up at him. “Do what?” he asked as he sat down on his haunches right next to him.

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  • 1 week

    Paul rummaged belligerently through his coin pouch as he emerged from the dark alley. “Portable spectra these days sure is overpriced,” he lamented, stopping and leaning against the wall, feeling a gentle breeze. The mundane side of his blue bangs rose a little with the wind, giving Paul a proper view of the street before him. “Everyone sure is busy today…and I still haven’t found out where I’m

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  • 1 week
    She said no

    “Of course I forgive him!”

    “Oh, uh… you do?”

    “Sure! I mean, I can’t really blame him for getting mad anyway. It actually was kinda my fault to begin with.”

    “Er… okay, I’ll go talk to him then.”

    Venom departed, making his way towards the male changeling waiting over in the corner.

    “Well? What did she say?”

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  • 1 week
    Well, that’s one way to put out a fire.

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Am I a Sagittarius or a Capricorn? · 5:04pm Jan 3rd, 2021

I spent all this time thinking that Sagittarius included December 23rd, but apparently...

Why are zodiacs so damn complicated?

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Comments ( 12 )

Who the fuck knows

I read over it like ten times— you gotta be a Sag, there’s no way

*Shrugs* all I know is I'm a Gemini, who are notoriously two-faced and have conflicting emotions, oh hey, that's me!

It kept saying December 21

Well I don’t think I wanna be a Capri.

Ouchie. But fair.

That’s alright. We hold too many grudges anyways. .w.

Cause it seems like someone on drugs made it.

For you're talking about that new constelation business, I have no bucking clue. All I know is I'm a libra who always try and find the balance

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