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So Like · 4:29pm Dec 8th, 2020

I’m in Reading (ew) and like

some girls are like

complaining about being dress coded

and saying they should teach boys to control themselevs

first off bitch, leave my horny outta this

second off

youre the gender who bitches, complains, whines, begs, plays victim, are bi-fucking-polar, protest, march, carry babies, sell your pussies, sell your asses, dances on poles, get offended by damn near everything, cook, clean, worries about your clothes, hair, body shape, get fake hair, a fake ass, fake breasts, and cry over the most useless shit ever

shut the hell up about boys needing to control themselves and focus on not becoming a prostitute

(sorry if i was over the top sexist, but thats how i go off. i explode like a neuron star on crack)

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Well...I feel like I should be offended, but you're not wrong...those kinds of girls really do put us in a bad light...

god dam bro

go off sis



not every girl is like that

but theres just that large group that ruins it for everyone


there are the kinds of girls you wife up and the kinds you don't acknowledge

It's specifically the white girls on Twitter who get offended for you that are like this.

Like those fucks who got offended over someone wearing Space Buns in Animal Crossing.

Yeah. Supposedly the girl who wore the buns got DDOX'd. People were threatening her dog's life over this also.

Just because of an in-game hairstyle that she couldn't wear because she was white.

What the fuck did I just read?

5412025 Yeah..that is some venting.

I doubt you’re being sexist, man.

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