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Random Ramblings CDX · 10:40pm Dec 6th, 2020

hi. there's this guy who's a musical genius but is better known for memetic history videos. enjoy one of bill wurtz's songs.

yes, even on his own site he always writes in all-lowercase. whatever. please follow me past the jump for news about stories.

I'd like to say I've been busy, and to an extent I have been, but mostly I'm just really fuckin' lazy. That said, y'all know I do read the comments on my older stories, right? Even if I don't respond, I like to know what people think.

A disproportionate share of my commenters (my two regular followers excepted; y'all rock) seem to be idiots or children or childish idiots. Maybe it's because I come from an education background that requires cogent proper writing -- and I'm from the generation that had to take weekly spelling tests through 6th grade (and I hated getting anything less that perfect on those) -- but I really don't have a lot of patience for poor spelling and internet shorthand. We all make typos; this is different. I put a lot of care into what I crap out there for the public to see. It's unfortunate that kids don't.

Anyway, someone commented on my old Flash Sentry story "Exes Meet" and completely missed the fucking point. Those who have followed me for awhile know that I made significant edits to that story after I posted it in order to fix the narrative flow, add context, and make Flash more sympathetic to be in-line with how I wanted him to be later on in the arc. Indeed, most folks who read ExM after my additions enjoyed how just a few extra lines really added depth and dimension to his character. That carries over, of course, to the later story where he and Rarity have a heart-to-heart. I enjoyed writing that. I liked even more writing Sunset interrupting them because she and Flash just naturally snark at each other -- I didn't really plan that; it just happened, which is a sign you're working with good characters.

I've said before and I'll say again -- I love when I don't have to micromanage characters. Sunset is one of those who I can throw into a situation and figure out how she'll react. Twilight is a lot more difficult to work with, mostly because I don't like her, or more specifically what the canon writers did with her. So I ignore her later stories. However, EQG-Twilight doesn't have the same baggage, and that becomes important.

In one of my later EQG-world stories, a couple of readers wondered about a line I intentionally included about the mountains on 3 sides of the river valley Canterlotville is in are "literally impassible". I've always planned to explore that.

Doing so will involve a story featuring Sci-Twi and Orangeglow.

Longtime reader RI2 has gotten onto me more than once for my unflattering characterization of Twilight. That's one reason why I've tried to make Pony-Twi more sympathetic. No, killing off Night-Light (her & Shiny's dad) wasn't totally in service of that. Recall I lost my own father back in August -- not to COVID (he was very aware of the pandemic and refused to leave his house). So, like I said last blog, some pony had to suffer, and Twilight drew the short straw in part because it made the most narrative sense. I may delve into that later.

Point is, Sci-Twi and Orangeglow are/were allies in the EQG world. I've hinted before in my stories that Sci-Twi has a dark side. She's been through a LOT more hell than her pony counterpart even though Night-Light is very much alive in the EQG-verse.

So, if we're all lucky enough, I'll finish this Sci-Twi story before I need to start on my annual Mayor Mare story. Look forward to it!

Also I'm VERY tempted to do a Sonic The Hedgehog crossover just to troll -- EVERYONE (including me) hates those crossovers. I need to brush up on my badfic/trollfic writing to do it justice.

Anyway, my coffee is wearing off so I'm gonna pass out now.

Peace out!

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Oh I remember Bill Wurtz, he cool.

I don't like canon much myself either, and thanks, you rock too. :) It's nice to be able to let characters just *flow.* I prefer to see characters how I want to rather than how canon portrays them sometimes.

I don't suppose you've seen my poetry lately? Also I've been getting really into Sonic the Hedgehog again lately. I think if done well, and you get the personalities genuine and heartwarming, it can end up good. But otherwise...

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