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    New Chapters. Yay!

    Yes!!! Chapters 29 and 30 have been published in The Runaway Bodyguard*. Starlight won't be taken advantage of, or will she? Time will tell, but that may wait until chapter 31. Speaking of which, there will be a little delay. I am working with a new pre-reader,

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    Metaphoric Vehicle in the Shop

    I have a prospective pre-reader now, but applicants are still welcome. I hope to get back on the road by Monday. A swift calculation shows I have between 24 and 30 chapters written that you have yet to read! ...with about another 5 to 10 to write, so there’s plenty to come. Please pardon my tardiness. If you like what you’ve read so far, Starlight has only just begun to fight! Meanwhile,

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    Delays, D*@n Delays, and Statistics

    I am looking for a pre-reader. I am now posting chapters that I have written, proofed, copy-edited, and polished all on my lonesome. Some few bits may be... odd*. :twilightsheepish: You can help!

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    [Writer's] Block Head

    Note to Self: Do not write down a detailed idea of what to write next in a story. Instead write down a teaser about what might happen next. Don't defuse the excitement; enhance the need to write at the next opportunity!

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    Supply and Demand

    Chapter 28 posted in The Runaway Bodyguard. Coach makes a proposal that Starlight finds underwhelming and learns the meaning of "supply and demand."

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8 and 1 · 8:59am Nov 29th, 2020

Girls Night Out (KoE V) and Together Alone both have 8 likes and 1 dislike, thus no thermometer for either. Anypony wanna fix that? Both are interesting reads.

Still working on the epic prequel to The Enforcer and Her Blackmailers and 1 like on both could definitely buoy my spirits and help me finish!

Report scifipony · 68 views · Story: Together Alone · #Likes #Enforcerverse
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"Together Alone" is great!

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