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Chapter 26, Already? · 2:37pm Nov 19th, 2020

14,446 words. And I wrote it all in one week.

I'm not exactly sure what happened. I suppose it's just the knowledge of how close I am to wrapping up this second act and, thereafter, the home stretch to the finish. I ran the monster math, pulled the graveyard graph, and concluded that SH will end by Chapter 30 (plus an epilogue) at the latest. And knowing that, with the path set out before me, I guess I just really wanted to get started on it.

And after writing 3k words Saturday morning, I wanted to keep going. And going. And now here I am, able to say for the first time in a long while that I wrote a chapter in one week, like I used to back when I considered 5k to be going on the long end of things.

I haven't done anything besides write really, with breaks to play videogames or walk the dog. It's been fire. Or maybe that's just the smell of my bank account, seeing as I haven't done any work since I put the last chapter out. I'm just so very excited to finally get to some things I've been building up towards for so long. I've got that end-of-fic energy flowing in me.

I could talk more, but it's a bit premature to talk about some of the ideas I have until I actually finally mark SH complete. Just know that the Chapter 26 draft is finished, and if you don't see it on Friday, my editors are to blame.

As usual, Patreon and Discord. I need to go make some money or something.

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Wait! Are you telling me I'm NOT the only one who's been on a creative bender as of late?! I guess that for me, winter just wakes my mind up somehow.

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