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Survivor's Testament · 12:46am Sep 24th, 2020

So here's a real throwback for y'all. Some of my oldest followers, those of you who've been with me since I was primarily known for writing zany HiE, may remember that there was once a time when I also regularly wrote Fallout fanfiction.

Wanderer's Diary remains to date my only long-form fiction project I've ever actually completed, which probably means I should stop starting up new longfics all the time, but eh. I mostly posted it on Google docs and linked it to my followers here through blogs, since Wanderer's Diary was also a zany comedy, and there was a lot of crossover in the audiences. Later I also posted a version to FanFiction.net, and despite that hellsite's horrible user interface, it gained an independent following over there too.

Now, I'm not so sure that my current follower base are going to be anywhere near as interested in Survivor's Testament, because even most of my MLP stories don't seem to get much traction here these days. But for those of you who are interested, it's a Fallout 4 follow-up to Wanderer's Diary written in the same style, meaning it's a dark comedy where the protagonist says "fuck" a lot, and it pokes a lot of fun at the game and its various Bethesda oddities.

So if you liked Wanderer's Diary, or even if you just like Fallout, it's there. From now on, I'll be posting blogs here to notify everyone whenever it updates, just like I did back in the day, in honour of which I will be using my old format instead of my current style of chapter previews:

Survivor's Testament:

The Sole Survivor gets fucking nuked, and it's somehow downhill from there, in Survivor's Testament: Weeks One & Two.

This week: The effects of a nuclear holocaust on the economy, quitting your job to drive monster trucks, and giving drugs to old ladies.

(Fanfiction.net version.)*

*Fanfic.net version comes with author's notes and a comment section. Google docs version comes with a sexy index page, supports links, and isn't Fanfic.net.

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Oh nice! I loved Wanderers Diary and the Couriers Journal back in the day. Looking forward to reading this one too!

Considering I found you through Wanderer's Diary, I'm more than happy to read this!

Oh, cool, I'll check it out dude.

Hey, did you hear about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda? Crazy stuff man.


I did. God only knows what the long-term repercussions of that will be. Fallout 3 had Games For Windows Live forced on it, and the Steam version is still completely non-functional to this day because of it.

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