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So. Guess who found an early draft of Wielder of the Orb? · 6:33am Sep 18th, 2020

Me. I found it. The first script-formatted draft is gone for sure, but I did find the second draft! It was rejected for having godawful garbage-tier formatting, but I patched things up as best as I could without touching anything else. Don't mind the typos and/or occasional broken formatting. I tried to catch as much as possible while keeping the text itself intact. :twilightsmile:

Warning: apparently there's very light gore. Blame edgy me for that. :P

Wielder of the Orb - MLP Extension


Chapter 1: ButterHooves (Wait, HOOVES?!)

Sammy and Zoey were both standing in front of a wide portal created by Sammy's limited magical abilities. Caleb and Brodie were in the background packing camping materials. Sammy turned around to look at what they were packing. Seeing a massive pile of tents, matches, ponchos, etc. All he could do was yell "SERIOUSLY?!" followed by "EVEN THOUGH I CHOSE A FOREST FOR THE PORTAL TO LEAD TO DOESNT MEAN THAT WE'RE GOING CAMPING!!!". Quickly, Caleb and Brodie unpacked nearly all of the materials they brought, leaving only two tents and some food.

As they entered the portal, Sammy decided to pull the orb out of his backpack, holding onto it just in case. He knew that he added an enchantment to the portal to allow the four of them to retain their shape, and stay the same species, a decision made after far too many times where they turn into something random.

Sammy raced back into the portal to keep up with the rest of his group, consequently tripping, throwing the orb through the orb in surprise, he quickly tumbled through the bushes and leaves. As he got up, he looked around, not seeing any sign at all of where he tossed the orb. Suddenly, he realized, now that he wasn't in possession of the orb, all enchantments and effects he'd use if he still had it would no longer be in effect. In horror, he ran back to where his friends were, with only Caleb being conscious out of them besides Sammy. Caleb looked at Sammy and started giggling. Sammy quickly replied to him by asking "What?". With Caleb making out between his giggles "You should maybe consider being a butterfingers more often, or should I say, butter-HOOVES! HA!" Sammy's eyes slowly stared downwards as he noticed that he was no longer human, but a small pony, about half the size f an average human according to his now seemingly huge backpack.
Meanwhile in Ponyville...

Twilight was just walking past the path to the Everfree forest when she noticed a bright flash of light, followed by some screams and laughter. She began making her way towards the path, ignoring the list of things she was going to get at the market.

Author's Note:
This is my first fanfic I've ever made about anything. Don't judge. :derpytongue2:

Chapter 2: Visitors from another universe

Twilight's mane was now covered in leaves and branches after finally making her way through the forest path to a clearing in the forest, only to find a group of ponies, two of which seemed to be freaking out about something. Sammy continued his ranting about not putting away the orb in his backpack instead of holding on to it, while Caleb was panicking because he wasn't human.

Twilight trotted up between the four ponies, asking what they were doing. Suddenly, the four teens [now ponies], froze.
All she heard was a soft "Hello?" from Sammy, who was one of the first to notice her.

Zoey sat there for a few more seconds, blinking a few times, and then suddenly burst out OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH it's a PONY!!!

Brodie boredly tapped on Zoey's shoulder, telling her that they were all ponies, while Caleb dragged on with his ranting about having hooves instead of hands.

Twilight waited for them all to calm down a bit, and then asked "Seriously, what is going on here?!" The four other ponies froze again, with Sammy once again being the first to answer.

Just as Sammy was about to begin explaining, a faint roar could be heard in the background. Twilight decided to bring them to her castle instead, telling them while they walked there that the forest they were in - the Everfree forest, wasn't any normal forest.

~~~Twilight's Castle~~~

The four ponies trotted through the long, empty hallways following Twilight , unaware of the long journey ahead of them before returning home.

Zoey was the first to break the silence, asking Twilight "Is this seriously where you live?"

Twilight nodded in response, "Yes. Not too long ago, I was made the Princess of Friendship by Princess Celestia, but I continued to live in the Golden Oak Library until it was blown up by Tirek, but after opening this magical chest thingy that fused my friends and I with the Elements of Harmony, the chest planted itself into the ground right here and became this castle.

Zoey was speechless. Once again, the hallway was silent, with a faint echoing of the recent conversation bouncing between the walls.

Caleb noticed the echo, and decided to ask Twilight about why the place seemed so empty.
Twilight's only reply was "I don't really have much time to, since I often have to go out and fight monsters that could set the fate of Equestria, and besides that, I'm not much of a decorator, anyways.

Brodie suddenly froze at the mention of monsters. He suddenly looked scared, looking around in fear. "Are you sure that there aren't any here?"

Twilight nodded, and continued talking. "Anyways, one of the most recent ones we fought was a Bug-bear that nearly crashed a wedding, an-..."

Pinkie Pie suddenly burst out of nowhere, surprising the group. "Do you mean the Bug bear that gave me that atomic noogie a few weeks ago?" she asked inquisitively.

The group fell silent again, and after looking around some more, there was suddenly no sign of Pinkie or of her even being there in the first place.

As they continued, Sammy asked "Where did she even come from?"

He only got a sigh and a "I don't even want to know anymore." from Twilight.

The group continued on silently, until they finally arrived at a large doorway. As they stepped inside, Sammy, Zoey, Caleb, and Brodie noticed a large table, with six "thrones", each with a symbol on top. Next to the one with what looked like a purple starburst jewel, there was a smaller seat.

Zoey noticed the smaller seat next the "starburst jewel" seat, and asked "Who sits in that seat?"
Twilight replied "Spike, my assistant".

As if on cue, Spike enters the room from another doorway, carrying a large stack of books. He took one look at the group and burst out laughing between his giggles, he managed to say "Why are those ponies standing on their hind legs?" Twilight turns around, and finally noticed that the four others really were standing on their hind legs, and trying to walk like humans. Twilight also began giggling, and Sammy and his friends instantly realized that it would be better if they just walked on all fours.

Brodie saw Spike for himself as he got down onto all fours, and screamed "AAAAAHHHHHHH! IT'S A GIANT LIZARD! RUN!" He ran and hid behind Twilight as Spike facepalmed at the thought of how many ponies constantly call him a giant lizard due to his lack of wings like other dragons.

Twilight calmed Brodie down, explaining that Spike was actually a young dragon, and was her assistant.

As Caleb listened, he ran over to Spike and shouted "IF YOUR A DRAGON, WHERE ARE YOUR WINGS?!" into Spike's face. As Spike wiped his face off, Twilight explained how there's a possibility that she might've accidentally stunted the growth of his wings due to her hatching him and accidentally forcing him to grow up completely into a literal "big baby".

As she continued talking about Spike, Sammy whispered to Zoey "Should I act polite and formal and stuff since we're addressing a princess?"

Zoey begins nodding, making Sammy clear his throat, and begin talking. "Princess Twilight, earlier, before we came here, I was about to inform you that we aren't ponies in our natural form. We are actually humans from a different universe than yours, and I used a very powerful magical artifact that we call "The Orb" to open a portal to here. Even though Zoey and I appear to be unicorns in this universe, Caleb's a pegasus, and Brodie's an earth pony. We came here using a magical artifact that I found in our world that we now call "The Orb", which possesses the power to do nearly anything. I opened a portal here so that we could go on an exporation, and cast a spell using it to keep us in our original form.

Sammy opens his backpack and pulls out a picture of their first time together camping. "I was expecting something more along the lines of this when we first came here, but I was stupid, and took the orb out of my bag and held onto it instead, and ended up throwing it after I tripped while exiting the portal. Without the orb being in good hands-er, hooves, your world could be in grave danger. The one who tracks us in our own world to take the orb as their own doesn't have the power to travel to other worlds and universes like we do, so at least your safe in that term. Also, the orb has a cooldown limit. You can only cast a certain number of spells using it before it no longer works, and has to regain energy. It kind of seems like a living thing, if you ask me..."

Twilight looks at the picture. "Wait, you're HUMAN???" Sammy looked puzzled. He didn't expect the mare to know about humans, let alone alternate universes and dimensions "How did you know?" was all he could answer.

Twilight began telling him all about her human world that she can travel to. "I also have a portal leading to the human world, but I don't think it is your world. She began to pull out her coy of the Canterlot High yearbook. "For example, In the human world I go to, people have skin and hair color similar to their counterparts in this world. You don't have that, all you have are shades of tan for your skin color, which explains why your fur color is all nearly the same shade of tan. Also, even though you don't seem to have the equivalent of cutie marks in your world, you seemed to gain ones based off your current abilities. Sammy's appears to be a computer and what looks like a wand, which means you excel in technology and magic, Caleb's is a mess of sports objects, which means he's highly athletic, Zoey's is a beaker of chemicals and a bunch of candy, which means she's a hyperactive chemist, and Brodie's a blank flank, which means he really doesn't actually know what he wants to do or what he's good at."

Brodie was surprised that Twilight knew their names. "Since when did you learn our names?"

Twilight answered "Sammy told me while we were walking back to my castle, remember?"

Brodie stood silent for a few moments, and then realized that Sammy did tell her."

Sammy began talking again. "Anyways, I think that we should be on high alert just in case if anything..." A very loud sound of an explosion stopped him for a moment. "finds the orb..." He continued...

Author's Note:
If you want this to be written in first person as a side chapter, leave a comment below! :pinkiehappy:
Also, I got a buttload of new ideas from watching youtube videos and reading other fanfics, so stay tuned for more!

Chapter 3: The return of Tirek

Ever since he was re-banished to Tartarus, he had been working on a new way to absorb stronger sources of magic from afar. It would take great strength, and if it failed, it would surely kill him. So he waited.

Eventually, after many months in waiting, he sensed a sudden surge of magic in the overworld. Just as he practiced it, he reached out with his mind, grasping the form of magic, and pulled it back towards him. Suddenly, after he opened his eyes back up, he saw a translucent blue orb with a glass-like texture appear in front of him. He began to try to absorb it's magic using his old methods, but was met with a very powerful force-field. He tried again, only to be met with an even stronger opposition. Eventually, in anger, he shouted as he brought both fists down onto the orb to try and crush it. Just when his hands met contact with the orb, he felt a sudden, extremely large surge of magic course through his body. As he realized the true potential of the orb, his face twisted into a terrifying grin. HE summoned all the power within the orb to once again break free of his prison, creating a massive explosion and sending shockwaves throughout Equestria.

Back at Twilight's castle...

Sammy began rushing about, panicking about the explosion. Twilight tried all that she could to calm him down, but failed every time. Suddenly, a large shockwave shook the castle, sending several pieces of the ceiling toppling down at the group. Twilight created a force-field in self protection, but the rest didn't have anywhere safe to hide from the sharp pieces of crystal from the ceiling. Suddenly, a large force field covered the entire bottom half of the room, shielding the others. Sammy, who was standing at the middle, opened his eyes and looked around. Zoey and Brodie stared in awe as they watched Sammy cast another spell using his horn. Sammy noted that it was actually pretty easy to control magic in Equestria, compared to the massive amount of concentration required for the orb. Just as he finished that mental note, the force field exploded, sending all of the ponies at the wall.

A few minutes later, Sammy finally regained consciousness. Helped by Twilight, he got up and looked around, seeing that the explosion did almost no damage, he decided to walk back over to Caleb, who was looking out the window. Zoey began screaming in fear, so Sammy suddenly redirected himself towards Zoey, who was also looking out a window. He looked outside and saw a large, dark cloud spreading quickly over the city that Twilight said was Canterlot. Caleb was still silently staring out the window, when he suddenly collapsed. Brodie, who still didn't know what everypony was screaming about, rushed over to the window that Caleb was now laying under, and looked outside. Twilight was helping Caleb, who collapsed from shock, when Spike rushed into the room, shouting "Twilight! Princess Celestia sent you a letter!" Twilight took the scroll from Spike's claws, and began reading it. She gasped as she read the following text:

Dear Princess Twilight,

Tirek has appeared to escape Tartarus again. I don't know how he could've done it, but it seems that he now has more power than he has ever had even when he last escaped. Come to Canterlot immedia...
Sammy ran over to Twilight to see what was wrong. He immediately saw that Celestia never completely finished the letter. And from reading it, he could tell that "Tirek" had found the orb.

Chapter 5: Tirek's reign

Tirek rose over the ponies of the Crystal Empire. Using his new-found power from the orb, it took literal seconds to totally annihilate the local militia. He no longer cared about gaining more power from the ponies, because now, he had all the power he could imagine. He had already banished Celestia and Luna to Tartarus, and was ready to overthrow the Crystal Empire, too. He confidently stepped over the many rooftops of ponies, scrambling the population across the streets. Twilight had arrived a few hours earlier to warn the population of the upcoming invasion, but nopony really took her seriously, and this was the result. Tirek took one last step, planting a hoof firmly in front of the Crystal Heart. He suddenly jerked his front leg up, practically kicking the Crystal Heart over the nearest mountain. Shining Armor and Cadence were standing firm on the balcony, watching the destruction. Shining already saw the destruction of the guard, so he knew that fighting would be useless, if not suicidal. Cadence stared off into the distance, towards Canterlot, a lone tear streaming down her face. "Auntie," was all she could say. Shining knew her relation to Celestia, that is she was the adoptive niece/daughter of Celestia.

A few hours later, a loud explosion could be heard from Ponyville, from the direction of the Crystal Empire.

Shining Armor caught a nearly unconscious Cadence as they plummeted towards the ground. Shining was able to create a force-field just before they hit, lightly bouncing off a few times before settling in a small bush. Cadence looked upwards at the crumbling castle. Several areas of it were raining down onto the populace, who stood and watched in horror as Tirek single-handedly tore down the castle and rebuilt it to his wishes. After a few minutes, the entire castle was sculpted from it's once tall and proud stance into a huge throne, which Tirek now sat upon. Cadence and Shining quickly ran into the nearby mountains for their safety, followed by the surviving population, who scrambled for any form of shelter they could find.

Twilight was pacing around her castle, muttering to herself "How could we possibly get into the Crystal Empire now?!" over and over. Sammy and the others were just standing in the corner, while Sammy attempted to use his cell phone to call home. "Well, this obviously doesn't work across unlinked universes..." He stated.

Twilight turned around and saw his cell phone. And idea burst into her mind, "Wait, you have a cell phone? May I borrow it for a sec?" Sammy agreed, and promptly turned the phone over to her. She tapped at the screen multiple times, failing each time, just because phones weren't meant to be used with hooves. Sammy saw the trouble she was having, and pulled out some more items from his backpack. He then quickly assembled an odd-looking, but functional stylus, and tossed it to Twilight, saying only "Catch!"

Twilight caught the stylus in mid-air, and began tapping on the screen with it. She dialed Sunset Shimmer's phone number, and waited. She knew that she left the portal open, and since literally anything could come and go through it, it meant that she had cell-phone coverage in her castle. "Wait, portal..." She thought, putting Sammy's phone down. She trotted over to Sammy and Zoey, who were boredly assembling a short-wave radio system using paper towel tubes, wires, and a small diode.

They had already gotten used to using hooves/magic instead of hands, and Sammy was learning how to levitate objects very quickly. Sammy looked over to Twilight, who began "I forgot to tell you that if you really need to do something that you can only do in human form or if you need resources you can't get here, you have my permission to use the portal room to the human world here." Sammy nodded, and continued to solder the antenna into place.

Twilight picked the phone back up and said "Hello?" Sunset Shimmer, who already answered, replied "Wait, you got a phone? I didn't see you ever buy a phone or anything..."

She got cut off as Twilight began to frantically talk "So these teens who go by the names Sammy, Zoey, Caleb, and Brodie, were humans from a completely different universe, not just alternate dimensions, who used a VERY powerful artifact that they call "The Orb" to open a portal here, and the Sammy tripped and dropped the orb, which Tirek then found and used to banish Celestia and take over the Crystal Empire and then I found them panicking so I brought them back to my castle and then they explained to me that the orb was even more powerful than all the elements together and --"

Sunset Shimmer, who had just been eating lunch, did a spit take, leaving bits of her sandwich all over the table. Rarity stared at her awkwardly. "What is wrong, darling?" Sunset Shimmer took a deep breath and said into the phone, "What did you say? What's the Crystal Empire? Who are these teens, what are they doing, and WHERE are they FROM?!" By now, she was shouting in frustration, and the cafeteria had gone silent. Everyone was staring straight at her. Sunset Shimmer blushed, and ran out of the room after quickly telling Pinkie to tell the others that she has to go back to Equestria.

Author's Note:
... That took nearly a week's worth of youtube videos and minecraft adventure maps to figure out what to do. :derpyderp1: Also, enjoy just because I'm slowly getting better at this.

Chapter 6: Escape - Part 1

Sunset Shimmer burst through the portal, faceplanting as she landed. "My face..." She groaned as she looked up and saw Twilight. She tilted her now aching head to the side, and noticed the four other ponies that Twilight had told her about.

Sammy walked up to Sunset and simply said, "Hi! I'm Sammy."

Sunset got up, and looked around, seeing that the portal was in a slightly different location now, she asked "So, why are we here? I thought that the portal was somewhere else..."

Twilight motioned for her to come to the window and take a look. Sunset Shimmer took a peek out the window, and immediately saw the destruction spreading into Canterlot. "Tirek has stolen a very powerful artifact from these ponies er- people, from another dimension. Originally, they were just here to relax and explore a little of our universe, but Sammy here, tripped, and lost the Orb, which sealed the portal they used, and caused them to become ponies like you did.

Sammy stepped up, "Yeah, I kinda tripped while running through the portal, and I cast a spell using it to keep us in our human form, so that we didn't become anything weird. No offense, though, I'm fine being a unicorn. At least I can train myself a bit without the orb."

Another explosion could be heard, and the six scrambled to the window, watching in horror as a large tower of the Canterlot Castle where the princesses live, collapsed. "I think that we might be a bit safer if we go to this universe's human dimension." Sunset stated.

The rest nodded in agreement, knowing that since Tirek still hasn't learned the full capabilities of the orb, it would be safest to go to a (virtually) dead zone of magic.

Twilight stopped before entering. "I think I should gather my friends up and bring them with us just in case, since Tirek has returned and he's practically invulnerable to magic-based attacks and all. I watched a few braver ponies try to battle him, but they were practically kicked aside."

Brodie began packing some spare parts for the radio back into his backpack, knowing that they were all going to go through yet another portal. Caleb began doing the same, while Zoey packed the radio itself into her own backpack.

Twilight began talking again. "It's kinda weird though, because normally, since anything that travels through a portal to an alternate universe or dimension becomes it's equivalent from the receiving dimension or universe, you would think that your backpacks would become saddlebags, but I guess that since your not from the human world here, maybe that doesn't fully apply..." She began murmuring to herself as she wandered off towards the door to gather her friends.

~~~A few hours later...~~~

Twilight managed to gather all her friends, and also found spike, who stuffed a large stack of comic books into Twilight's saddlebag. The ponies and dragon all gathered up in front of the portal. "Here goes nothing, I hope there's not too much of a problem with two of you guys in the human world..." Twilight said to herself.

The group sprinted towards the portal in a single-file line, and went straight through, with Twilight grabbing the book keeping the portal open and teleporting it through the portal just before it closed on itself.

"Why did you do that?!" Sunset asked when they came out of the portal in front of Canterlot high.

"I don't want anypony to follow us through, or we might bring even more trouble to this world than it already has had." Twilight replied. Meanwhile, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity fumbled with their new bodies.

"OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH IT'S ME!!!" Pinkie screamed as she pointed to the previously pony Pinkie Pie.

Twilight got up and walked over to the human versions of her friends. "Uh, yeah, we kinda had a bit of trouble in our world, so is it OK if we escape to your world for a bit?" Pinkie Pie listened to Twilight continue the explanation of why she brought guests with her while she looked over Twilight's shoulder and mentally studied all of the people there, who were all still in a tangled mess of limbs.

"Sooooooooooo, you're saying that you got visitors from a TOTALLY different universe, where everyone just has a different shade of tan for their skin color, shades of yellow, brown and occasionally red for their hair color, but besides that, are practically the exact same as us?" Twilight paused mid-sentence. She didn't even get halfway to explaining the differences. She continued staring blankly, and suddenly snapped out, looking back at Pinkie, who was now standing next to the pony Pinkie Pie in human form. Suddenly, another portal burst open in the air above them, and what at first looked to the (human) main five looked like Principal Luna dropped out, face first.

Author's Note:
Just setting up the juicy plot for the next story arc, which takes place mainly in the EQ world. (Spoilers! Celestia *might* be "dropping in" later on!)

Chapter 7: Escape - Part 2

Twilight walked up to Princess Luna, who was brushing herself off.

"Why are you here? I thought that you were gonna try to hold back Tirek from Canterlot with Celestia."

Luna looked back at the now deactivated portal. "Well, we kind of got overpowered, so we sent an evacuation order for everypony to uh... go here?"

Twilight facepalmed. "Seriously?! I thought that you could at least think of something better than just give up and run! We only came here so that we could think of a way to defeat Tirek without... oh. Yeah. Sorry, I forgot that all we have in Equestria is pretty much magic in every possible shape and form..."

It was Luna's turn to facepalm, and by now, they had gathered attention.

"Hey! Twilight's back again!"

"Uh oh, does that mean something bad's gonna happen?"

"Heck yeah, but who cares? She's gonna beat it down with her friends like every other time!"

"Which friends? The ones near the portal she uses, or the ones helping Principal Luna up?"

"Wait WHAT?!"

The two teens continued bickering about who was who, and why they were here, when Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna stepped outside. "What's going on here, and why are there TWO LUNAS?!" Celestia shouted.

"Well, back in Equestria, this evil centaur guy named Tirek managed to find and use this super powerful orb from a different universe to make himself practically invulnerable, so we came here to think of a way to defeat him, but I closed the portal on our way here so we wouldn't get chased to here, but PRINCESS Luna, here was sent here to follow an evacuation order from PRINCESS Celestia, and sooner or later, almost every citizen in Equestria will..."

Suddenly, a massive portal opened up right behind Twilight, and it began to rain people (who were previously ponies) onto the ground, followed by Celestia, Shining Armor, and Cadence.

"WHAT IN THE HAY IS GOING ON HERE?!" Shouted the pony Granny Smith.

"I dunno."

Princess Celestia stood back up, fixing her crown. "As you can see, I ordered a full evacuation of every corner of the Land of Equestria, and we will... I guess seek shelter here until Twilight and her friends figure something out. I don't know, usually it works out that way. I find a problem, and I just send them off to fix it, even though I could easily do it myself... oh... crap..."

Princess Celestia turned around. Twilight was standing perfectly frozen, jaws wide open, as well as the rest, including Principal Celestia and even both of the Lunas. "SERIOUSLY?! YOU SENT ME OFF TO DO A BUNCHA FRIGGIN' STUFF THAT COULD'VE EASILY KILLED ME BEFORE I BECAME AN ALICORN JUST SO THAT YOU COULD SIT BACK AND RELAX?! IS THAT HOW IT'S GONNA BE?! AGH!!!"

Princess Celestia only answered with one phrase:


Author's Note:
Trollestia returns...
Have fun twisting this around your mind! EVERY PONY IN EQUESTRIA is currently either figuring out how to be human, or getting help from their human counterparts, while Twilight is shouting away at Celestia.

Chapter 8: Last stand (Or the Revival of Sombra)

Twilight slammed her face into a couch pillow for the 438th time in a row, repeating "WHY... DOES... CELESTIA... HAVE... TO... DO... THIS?!"

While Principal and Princess Celestia were both busy organizing the (previously) ponies into groups to go to shelters or to move in with their counterparts. Luna was busy talking to Vice Principal Luna, and the Main 12 were busy comparing each other's lives with their counterpart's.

Meanwhile in The Crystal Empire...

Tirek began to pace around the newly-built walls of the Crystal Empire, created by the once again enslaved citizens. After checking the durability, he walked back over to his new castle, where he stubbed his hoof. "OW!!!"

He looked downwards, and saw what looked like a small fragment of a red, slender horn. He could sense the dark magic contained within: The last remaining pieces of Sombra's banished soul. He knew that if he were to keep up with his takeover of Equestria, it would be important to be able to retain power in multiple areas, but with the magic of the orb being so unfamiliar to Equestria, all he was able to do so far was make himself bigger and stronger.

He immediately revived Sombra, who spun himself back into existence from the surrounding shadows. "WHO DARES TO WAKE THE GREAT KING SOMBRA?" He shouted. Suddenly, the anger in his eyes instantly turned to fear, as he slowly turned around, facing Tirek. "T-T-Tirek? You're free??" He muttered, as Tirek gave off a hearty laugh.

"Yes of course, I'm free, Sombra! I was the one who revived you, I was the one who took back the Crystal Empire for you, I was the one who destroyed the Solar Empire for you! OF COURSE I'M FREE!!!"

Sombra began to look around. He immediately noticed the changes to the empire, such as the walls, and the much, MUCH bigger castle at the center, which it's tallest spire was built just for the occasion of if Sombra ever returned.

"So, buddy, how'd ya been doing for the past two or so years?" Tirek suddenly asked, with Sombra replying "Uuuh, are you sure you're not gonna drain my magic? I mean, being Tirek and all, I never saw you before at the meetings I've held with others about overthrowing Celestia..."

Tirek decided it would be best to take Sombra on a tour of the new castle, built by hoof by the most skilled unicorns in the Crystal Empire. Tirek began to point at the centerpiece of a large throne room. "And this here, is a top-quality crystal chandelier, made using the remnant shards of the original castle." Sombra stared upwards in awe, for in the many years he had been king, he'd never seen anything so beautiful since he first crowned himself. Suddenly, the room began shaking, causing the chandelier to fall and shatter.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Shouted Tirek as he missed his dive to save it, instead faceplanting right into the VERY sharp pieces of crystal. "MY FACE! AGH!!!"

Sombra shook his head, and went to the window to see what was going on. As he looked outside, he at first saw nothing, and then suddenly, a large stallion broke through the window, sucker-punching Sombra. "AAH! Tirek! I THOUGHT YOU SAID THIS PLACE WAS SAFE!!!"

Tirek was too busy screaming in pain as he pulled more shards of crystal out of his face. Sombra turned back around, facing the stallion. HOW DARE YOU DAMAGE THE FLAWLESS FACE OF A RULER! He shot a beam of dark magic at the stallion, immediately corrupting his mind. "King Sombra, I'm deeply sorrowed for your injuries, but minutes ago, a rebellion began in the eastern tower of the walls. They're attempting to break through it to reach Canterlot, we must stop them at once!"

Sombra quietly nodded. "And what is you name?"

"My name... what about it... what is it... Oh yes, the name's Butcher. Butcher Headcheese. I was a general in the former army of the Crystal Empire, and I was well known for maiming the heads of enemies." Butcher suddenly bent over in agony, suffering a massive, sudden migraine, at the same time as getting a flashback from his PTSD.

"What? Where am I? Wait... A WAR?!" There were bombs flying everywhere, directly under Butcher was a mostly dead soldier fighting for Sombra. "Why am I here? We won this already, why, why, WHY?!" He began pounding the bloody face of his enemy in an enraged fit of confusion, each time causing a small fountain of blood to spurt out. "Wait a second, what am I trying to tell myself, what..." He looked around, trying to find clues. "I know this is a flashback, it's all just a dream in my head... hmm..." Suddenly, the entire sky turned dark, and it began to rain bodies. Bodies of his friends, comrades, family. All of them were badly beaten, some were rotting, and others were missing limbs or heads. "Wait, no! NO!"

"NOOOOO!" Butcher screamed, suddenly snapping out of the nightmare. Sombra laughed. "It's so fun to mess with flashbacks, so, Butcher, do you mind going over and stopping the rebellion?" Butcher had already rid his mind of the corruption that forced him to reveal the secret rebellion. "No, and you're NEVER, EVER, gonna stop us." He stuck out a hoof, which held a grappling hook, shot it, and swung away. "BUCK YOU, SOMBRA, I HOPE THAT WHEN CELESTIA RETURNS, YOU'LL BURN IN TARTAURUS!!!"

Many hours later...

Ponies of all kinds were frantically digging like dogs to get to the base of the walls, when two large shadows suddenly enveloped them. "So, is that how you want to play... a war, eh? I'll make SURE you'll regret THAT!" Tirek stomped on top of the group, crushing them into the hole they were digging.

Many of them screamed in pain as their bones shattered, while the more flexible ones managed to squeeze in unharmed. Sombra laughed, and using his magic to once again chain up the ponies, who earlier were able to slip out of their workhouses. Suddenly, he heard what sounded to him to be a war cry. Just as he turned around, a large, spiked ball of a pony landed on his face, and a flurry of hooves an bites began tearing at him.

"I MAY HAVE FALLEN ONCE, BUT I WILL NOT FALL TO YOU AGAIN!!!" Butcher shrieked as he maimed the revived king. Other ponies who avoided being crushed by Tirek immediately joined Butcher in taking down the king by pure force.

"REVOLUTION!" shouted one mare as she began to tar and feather Sombra's mane and face, while Butcher and the others began stabbing at Sombra's backside with knives and spears once used in the army.

Suddenly, Sombra roared, rearing up and creating a force field. The rebellion was launched in all directions, many being killed by getting impaled on the sharp crystal spires of the dark castle. Butcher had enclosed himself into the spike armor, shrinking down like a turtle. He bounced between the spires of the castle, finally landing between Tirek's horns.

In the distant plains of Sweet Apple Acres, Queen Chrysalis was handing out rations of unharvested apples to starving changelings. They may not have needed love to survive, but just as any other living thing, they needed to eat food for their main energy. After Chrysalis' accidental release from prison by Twilight, she had ordered all changelings to disguise themselves as normal ponies, but to not duplicate any other ponies, to lower rates of suspicion. That way, they were able to integrate themselves into society, make some money, and live their own lives. Now that all the ponies were gone, they were back to their old ways of camping out in the open in their true forms, but this time, they were malnourished and weaker than ever. Even Chrysalis herself seemed to be withering away. "One day..." She muttered as she took a bite from an apple.

Author's Note:
Spoiler alert: The rebellion will soon unite with the changelings to attempt to overthrow Tirek and his new co-ruler Sombra.

Chapter 9: We rise once more, only to be crushed back down and come back again

It was all over.

The rebellion was crushed, Butcher had been captured, and was later executed by lethal stomping from Tirek, and the remaining fragments of the rebellion were being hopelessly destroyed by Sombra.
Not only that, but Sombra found a way to revive the dead.
It was the beginning of the apocalypse.

Queen Chrysalis was assembling her changelings into groups to scatter and find resources, mostly being food. She also ordered several to go and survey the destruction in the Crystal Empire, to find key areas to attack. After several days, a target was chosen.

"HEY! Get yourself over here, we're gonna get our sweet revenge..."

That was the signal. All was ready.

Changelings from every direction dove in at the main tower's base, accompanied by hundreds of ponies. Suddenly, a large groaning sound began ringing through the air, and thousands of the undead began pouring out of the windows, and rising from the ground. Luckily, the ponies had a better chance, for they had power of numbers. The thousands of ponies and changelings began tearing away each zombie, with very few of them even receiving minor injuries, and they eventually broke through to the tower wall.

Each pony began tearing furiously at the crystal, and slowly, the tower began to fall.

"NO!" Yelled Tirek, as he began flinging away the ponies, at the same time as creating a force-field with the orb.
It was the ultimate defeat.

Thousands more changelings and ponies now lay dead, slowly being revived as part of a massive undead army lead by Sombra, who was now advancing towards Canterlot to claim more slaves.

Sombra arrived at Canterlot, and looked around. "Wait, why isn't there any ponies?" He wondered, as he marched his army through the abandoned streets. He continued to look around, and finally reached the main castle. "Huh, I guess they all left or something." He turned around, and just as he was about to leave, a large boulder fell from the air, crushing him, and proceeded to begin rolling, and smothered the zombie army.

"Wow, that was pretty fast, we should've thought of that sooner." Said a pegasus rebel to another. The remnants of the rebellion had set up a new base in Cloudsdale, which was just above Canterlot at the time. With the changeling's power in numbers, they managed to lift several heavy boulders, as well as ponies, up into the clouds.

Meanwhile in the Human World

Sammy and his friends were assembling several weapons using parts they ordered over the internet.
"Hey Sammy, are you sure that this'll work?" Said Zoey as she continued welding the frame of the foldable fighter jet. "I'm sure it will. It has to, or we might never get back home." Sammy replied as he handed Twilight some more screws.

Author's Note:
I'm running out of ideas so fast now, and my writing style is horrible. I really am considering putting this on hiatus for now...

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