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Hollow Neigh-ve · 4:45pm Sep 7th, 2020

I drew a My Little Pony and Video game mash-up: Meet Hollow Neigh-ve, my MLP vessel. Even if he is small he carries the power of a fallen king (not Sombra hopefully although that might be a cool idea) :rainbowhuh: Any thoughts, comments, are welcome.

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This is amazing! Love the colors and the composition is awesome :raritystarry:

Thank you so so much! :raritystarry: Love this little dude

Looks freaking cool! Never played that game but it's on my list along with the second Ori game.

5350526 Look really cute! :3

Thank you much Minati, Dude same I want to play both of these I’ve only watched let’s plays!

Oneyplays by any chance?

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