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The 3 NOs (both kinds) · 9:41pm August 6th

A lot people continuous yak at my chains saying I should "Write it Good" or "Improve" or "Make character growth and development"

To which I constantly refuse, all thanks to the FIRST SET of the 3 NOs





I have told you this before, (But I'll refresh for newcomers)

I prefer to write my stories as if they were ACTUAL TV episodes or movies, which means they must equal the same length as a weekly episode.

Since FIM had 26 eps per season (Except Season 3) then my Starfleet series is only permitted THAT many eps as well (Prologues and Epilogues don't count)

In the case of FIM, each episode is approximately 22 minutes or so long, therefore THAT determines how much wording or so is permitted in each chapter posted.

Long ago, I practiced with this, I took eps of my favorite shows and wrote them down in STORY FORMAT (Not Transcript) to determine how long a chapter must be in words, in fact I even took SISTERHOOVES SOCIAL and wrote it out in Story format, and just as I thought...

So my rule stands:

-Basic 22 or so long eps, the chapter is required to be about 4000 words, but not exceed too high over 6000 or so.
-If the entry exceeds over the required word limits... CUT IT DOWN (throw some wording out) to get it to the proper length
-If the entry STILL exceeds (7000 words at least) Cut the eps in half, add to each on a bit and post them separately (PART 1 and PART 2 or more)
-If however this cannot be done, then write fewer words for the next episode if possible.

Movies are different: instead of being "Episodes" the chapters are labeled as "Acts" movies are allowed to have as many as need be, but they too much try to be kept at equal lengths of wording so the chapters remain as evenly as possible.

So, even if I WANTED to add (Cough) "Growth) and (Snort) "Development" to the characters, (Which I don't) if I don't have the room, I DON'T HAVE THE ROOM. the choice is PLOT, or GROWTH. I refuse to do both.


There is no need for them to become OVERDEVELOP like Twilight is, with so many traits there's no way of telling how they'll behave, or what they'll do.

Also, Starfleet is not THAT kind of show.

"This isn't "Friendship is Magic.

this isn't some Family show where people learn the values of friendship and the relevance is learning lesson in morality. This is an action-packed sci-fi battle show, where the main relevance is supposed to be fighting the MOTW and beating the bad guys.

Another Example of this is JIM HENSON'S DOG CITY

Eliot is love struck and keeps putting Ace and Rosie in these sappy, mushy romantic scenes. (Despite Ace's obvious attractiveness to Rosie) Ace informs Eliot to keep the sap out of this.

"This is a Detective Show; not a sappy soap opera."

Why, even in episode 2, Ace asks about the episode he and Rosie finally become an item, only for Elliot to inform him "Lone dog private eyes never get the girl."

So romance and chemistry is not needed there...

But back to the case of Starfleet.

All those sub plots (What the ponies do in their daily lives, or mishaps, or arguments they have)-- they're just there TO BE THERE, as padding before the action. That is all.

So again, THERE'S NO NEED to give characters traits and development THEY DO NOT REQUIRE. They have all the development they need, and most other developments are not necessary (Not mention UNWANTED)


As the subject entitles, I have little to no interest in character development or growth. I care more about the action and special effects than that.

I already hated Twilight from day one, even if she was an initial social loner, then she developed far too many traits, likenesses, and behavior patters, I hated her even more.

Reason being: She's doing a lot of things I don't like and would rather NOT see her do, little to none at all, and that's the same with my characters.

Lightning is supposed to be level-headed, rational, swift, tough, and punctual.

I don't want him being "Hyperactive and bubbly exited" like Pinkie Pie

"Vain and snobbish or a Drama Queen" like Rarity

A coward scared of his own shadow, like Fluttershy.

Nope, I want him doing WHAT I WANT HIM DOING, with little to none of things like that above and more. He can be sweet and gentle sometimes, he's allowed to believe in true love and happy endings (IF I desire he do that)

...but he doesn't need to turn into Twilight.

-Suddenly go whacko insane (Lesson Zero)

-Judge people wrongly without proof (Marks for Efforts)

-Have huge fall outs with his friends over non-misunderstanding (The Movie)

Nope, I don't permit him or desire he have things like that. While not giving it to him may make him bland and boring to some (That's their problem) I think it's better than him becoming what I consider (Weak, foolish, and a disgrace)

Just pick one path, and STAY ON IT, so I know what to do and get the works done FASTER.

That's how it is for Those 3 Nos, but what are the other 3?

that's for when I HAVE to do all that crap

(Development, let Twilight off easy, give her happy endings and things like that and portray her in ways I sure as Tartarus don't wish to approve or tolerate)

the other 3 Nos are...




To answer all three at once, let me show you a simple fic I made...


I'll spare you the plot (It sickens me)

But look int he review section, not a single comment is undeleted.

Reason, as I just stated, I don't like that fic. I don't like the way Twilight has a happy ending, I don't like the way she and Spike have a loving moment, and I sure as Tartarus do not wish to be praised or propped or thanked for such garbage.

anyone who dared give me a nice comment on...

They were deleted and/or blocked for having "What I view as" terrible tastes.

You even may be willing to give me "Benefit of the doubt." I don't want it.

You may praise me for it, and give me "Kudos" and stuff...

Don't care! I don't want it (Not for this trash)

I called these TRAP FICS, I make them specifically to show that I CAN write the way you want it, but prefer NOT to, and also see who has WHAT TASTES in Fiction, lure them in, and then CHUCK THEM OUT.

(After all, people give me a rough time for my tastes, thumb me and my actual fans down mercilessly. Some I'm returning courtesy)

"You may like it, but I don't... and therefore I probably don't like YOU either. So get out!"

there's the 2 sets of 3 NOs.

When it comes it comes to my fanfiction... When I say NO... I MEAN IT!! and I don't care if it's passing up so-called Golden opportunities to make good things happens. I'm not going to do it if it means killing my pride, and becoming like the very things I am mocking and trying to have little to do with.

Princess Twilight can harassed, stalk, and butt her muzzle in until she's blue in the face trying to convince me to "Give it a Chance" or "Improve my life" (In a way that I can't stand and don't want)

to her, and to anyone I still state...

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