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2020 Free For All story idea voting! · 7:24pm Aug 2nd, 2020

The time has come again for my (roughly) annual Free For All story voting! Every month, my Patreon supporters get to vote on which story I write next, picked from a list of my story ideas and from suggested ideas they send me. And once a year, I extend that out to everyone, not just Patreon supporters. (Though supporters are still welcome to participate.)

This year is really special, though -- this year, all of the story ideas in the Free For All vote are new ones thought up by my Patreon supporters! (Which, naturally, means they’re all NSFW.)

Vote Here
Voting will close on Sept. 2nd. More detailed instructions on how to vote are included on the poll itself. You’ll need a google account in order to cast your vote -- this helps prevent cheating.
The winning story idea will be written and published sometime before the end of 2020.

If you like this taste of getting to decide what I’ll write next -- or if you want the opportunity to put your own ideas on this list next year -- consider signing up for my Patreon! Patreon supporters also get other nice benefits such as being able to read all my stories early (including three that are currently unfinished and unpublished), and getting big discounts on commissions!

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Do you think you could add either a mark on the poll or a list here for which of the NSFW stories are 'Feral' (canon pony forms), anthro, or humanized, assuming you haven't done so?

I don’t want to change the poll now that people have already voted in it, but I could provide a list here. Trouble is that some of them I’m not sure whether I’d do feral or anthro. In some cases, it might just come down to what cover images I have available. Sometimes if the only good cover image I can find is anthro, that means I’ll be doing it anthro. Or the same for feral or even humanized.

But here’s what I can figure for now:
*Cadance Fuses Shining, Big Mac, and Zephyr into the Ultimate Alicorn Stud of her Dreams: Definitely feral
*Burning Up: probably feral
*Three Shining Armor Clones Speculate on Which Clone Sired Cadance's New Foal: Definitely feral, since the original was feral
*Discord Owes his Soul to Three Demons, but They'll Settle for a Sex Tape: Could go either way
*Starlight's Missing Dick: leaning toward anthro
*The Birds and the Butts: Probably feral
*Celestia and Luna in "Astro-interns": leaning toward anthro
*Cozy Glow's Assistance: Must be feral because foalcon
*Sauna Mishap: Definitely anthro or humanized, because nudity taboos will be a big part and I don’t really like ‘feral’ Spike in clopfics
*Spitfire Spitroast: Probably feral to go along with the cover image provided
*Spike's Voyeuristic Adventure: Anthro or humanized, for the same reasons as Sauna Mishap
*The Peeping Adventure of Ocellus: Probably anthro, to make use of nudity taboos while still letting Ocellus transform
*Distance Learning: Could go either way

Thank you.
Btw, the picture for the Ocellus one links to the same picture as the Spitfire Spitroast one

Oops. Aw, crap. I will fix that one.

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