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When faced with the evils of this world, happiness can give you the foundation to bear it, sadness gives you the wisdom to acknowledge it, and anger gives you the strength to oppose it!

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this made me into a BRUH-bender · 12:31am July 29th

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Comments ( 10 )

Uhhhhhh okay?

I grew up on this show and I never saw any of this sooo I don't think they really understand it.

The person that wrote does know that Aang is Asian, right? Why are they trying to find racism where there absolutely is none?

Why? Just... why?

Oh my fucking god. Can I not simply enjoy a series about a kung fu action Jesus without people making crap up for controversy?!

nic oc (i think its an oc)

Lately whenever I find out about stupid shit like this it makes me get the urge to do something like this.

Good thing I have serious self control and never act out on those impulses.

I'm sorry...WHAT!?

No just No!

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