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I cannot stay silent any longer · 7:29pm Jul 17th, 2020

I am a republican. I am white. I am of German heritage. I am 22 years of age, and I feel as though I am under constant attack for things that I feel I have no control over. I love my president, I love my country, I am patriotic towards my country and if I were in better shape and had better education I feel like I would like to fight for her. I suppose in a sense, I am. Republicans are not Nazi's. Republican's are not racists. Sure, we have bad apples, but so do the Democrats... until they care about them anyways. I am pro-police, I am anti-abortion, and I am pro-2A. Right now though, you don't care about that. What you care about are ponies, friendship, how we can be better. Which is why I must say that I cannot stay silent about this any longer. Below was going to be comment on some certain authors blog post, but I decided to share it with you, my followers. I am sick. I am sick of hearing that I should be killed for being white, I should have my family murdered in front of me, because I am republican, my balls deserve to be chopped off because I am male. I was raised to turn away from conflict, to pass judgement on those who need it and to deny those who don't. This is beyond judgment. This is beyond all of it. After hearing about how a 16 year old was given estrogen to calm his "behavioral problems" I knew I had to say something. After reading about how black teens attack a baby and kick a pregnant mom in their front lawn in Illinois. Or when an 8 year old little girl was slain by BLM "protesters". I knew... I just knew. My last and final straw was when a how a woman said "All Lives Matter" was executed by BLM.
Enough is enough. I want to be heard. I want to be confident. You tell me I should be like you. But that is where you are wrong. Because you and I are nothing alike.

Why should we let people on the internet tell us what to think? The person in office, in my opinion, has literally done nothing wrong. Republicans have done nothing wrong. Sure, everyone has a few bad apples but that wont spoil the whole bushel. I've read Democratic history, Democrats made the KKK, they made Jim Crow Laws, look at what they're doing now.
Linden Baines Johnson, our former president said and I am quoting directly:

"I'll have those n****rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years."

and this quote was preceded by a statement about how to Democrats will appeal to the black people without actually doing anything for them! And for anyone about to say "But he said X!" or "Yeah, but--" That's what the leftist propaganda and leftist media want you to think. Anyone who thinks Democrats are good people are brainwashed. Anyone who thinks that Trump says racist things constantly are actually themselves racists. Take former Baltimore chairman Elijah Cummings. In a tweet Trump said that Baltimore is a rat and rodent infested place that no one would want to live. And you know what people jumped to? "TRUMPS RACIST! HE'S CALLING BLACK PEOPLE RATS AND RODENTS! REEEE!!!"
NO. HE WASN'T. If you ACTUALLY looked at Baltimore then when he made that tweet, Baltimore was indeed, infested with rats, swarming with rodents, and the residents of Baltimore actually did the sport of night fishing FOR RATS.
So, I'm sorry, but I can't agree with anything you said. Antifa fights fascism whilst instilling fascist tactics, BLM's message, while good, is getting twisted and manipulated into a white erasure and destruction of families in general. BLM teens kick a pregnant woman's stomach and choked a baby, BLM shot and killed an infant and two others at a cookout, BLM killed a woman in front of her 3 year old son for saying All Lives Matter. These are just 3 examples, but there are so many more. And you say that I'm the racist, that I am the Nazi for being Republican. That I am a white supremacist because of who am I and who I support. You're all ignorant, you'd rather see my country, OUR country shrivel and die before you say that Trumps and okay man....

Everyone here is insane.

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holy shit they gave a kid estrogen pills to curb his behavioral problems? isn't that illegal?

highly. but this is the world the insane people want.

As a detached observer from else-where, I think you're all insane, actually. Both parties. In fact, only having two parties to begin with could have never ended well in any reality. It's always "Oh, my party isn't a problem at all. It's the other party, those evil (republicans/democrats) that are the problem."

Suffice to say, like most people outside of the United States of America, I hold disdain for it.

You should diversify the medias you consume. The people you think are against you are a handful of powerless people. You complain about ignorance but showed no signs of understanding what people are advocating for.

Sure, everyone has a few bad apples but that wont spoil the whole bushel.

(Just to let people know, This wasn't to insult SCP Pinkamena)

Both political parties are equally and absolutely corrupt. It's no longer bad apples anymore It's everyone. Republicans just are better at seeming sane. While Americans apparently don't give a shit and want to be angry and take out that anger on whites for crimes their ancestors committed.

(Also the other part about the bad apple thing is that when you have a basket and there even ONE bad apple, you throw the whole group of apples out. Because that one apple makes the rest rot faster. This happens in society too. Just in different ways.)

This 2 party system is Pro-wrestling. It's all fake. There's only the rich party. And for everyone else who thinks their vote matters. It doesn't. If your Nominees and everyone else is selected by the rich people for the finals, Then you only get to vote on presidents who serve the 1% because E V E R Y O N E you could vote for was working for them already. I forgot the name of the video and what type of democracy it is. But it was named after a rich person. And it functioned with the Rich choosing who you get to vote on. So everyone you would vote for would work for them and not for you.

The rich wanted racism because it keeps us distracted. It's the same thing for the 2-party system. Same with trump saying offensive or stupid things. It's to distract people so we won't pay attention to the Megacorporations forcing natives out of their lands and making pipelines and fracking all their land. Or the Military abusing other countries along with the oil companies doing that in the east.

There was another thing I read about boys in school being forced to act like girls and vice versa. The boys and girls immediately went back to their normal behavior when they weren't forced to act like that. This Estrogen pills thing is on a whole new level though. I guess men are next after the Idiots decide to do away with all the whites. I wonder how feminism can still exist with how Totalitarian it is today?

In essence. This society is fucked because the top 1% want it that way to make being rich by abusing the poor easier when everyone is reduced to idiotic bigots fighting over whos party is "Better" and a whole bunch of societal issue that would be a lot less problematic if the rich didn't rule the world. Anyone hating on whites for what their ancestors did (even though white people are fighting for them now) is a fucking idiot.

They don't realize the system is racist and it's rigged. Black people become the same type of asshole white people do when they become rich. Color doesn't matter. Just look at Obama. He talks the talk be he never walks the walk. He's bombed more countries than the previous president and his Obama-care was a farce that did nothing but gave more power to Big Pharma companies and Health/surgery investors if that what they're called. We went from bombing 2 countries to 7 countries under Obama.

Did you know that Trump and Hillary both settled out of court for rape allegations? And this was found out by the hacker activist group anonymous. This happened sometime Just before Gislane Maxwell was imprisoned. Though since they killed Epstein, We can tell what happening to her now that shes be denied bail and was put in the same prison Epstein was silenced in.


There are many more vids I've seen but I can't find them right now. I might add them later.
But Graham Elwood and Lee camp are Usually who I go to when I want my news. Also Redacted Tonight if I don't want the news of how fucked our society is to not make me depressed. they display it in a funny way.

This, hell, there's a reason a lot of Founders were against the idea of a party system. And yeah, pretty much, most politicians are just paying lip service to the party. Its not about ideas, its about "Hey, how much money do I have." ergo, the rich trampling those below them. While yes, there are some altruistic rich people like Bill Gates, they're in the minority

R5h #8 · Jul 17th, 2020 · · 8 ·

Your president is a racist piece of shit. His own niece just published a book where she revealed that he frequently uses racial slurs. In fact, he's been racist since the 70s, when he was sued by the Department of Justice for discriminating against black people. More recently, he's sent federal troops into Portland to grab people off the streets despite them not being accused of any crime.

Supporting him is something you have control over. Supporting him literally hurts people in marginalized groups. (And the rest of us, given how nightmarishly he's mishandled the coronavirus crisis.)

So don't cry about how people are just disliking you for no reason. There is a reason, and you can fix your behavior, and you should.

Listen to thatotherotherguy and diversify your media, because you don't know what you're talking about.

RoMS #9 · Jul 17th, 2020 · · 3 ·

“For those of us who work to raise the racial consciousness of whites, simply getting whites to acknowledge that our race gives us advantages is a major effort. The defensiveness, denial, and resistance are deep.”

― Robin DiAngelo

They do run deep here.



“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

a quote from george washington in his farewell address about how the biggest danger to america will be political parties.

i'm apolitical who has friends on the left and the right and i live in america. i'm tired of people always blaming everything on "their on this party so they must be bad" all i care about is people being nice to each other. i like helping people because that's who i am and that's who i'll always be, if they are on the left i won't care. if they are on the right i won't care because to me they are just a person who needs help

i'm sorry about that i got a little ahead of myself


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